What are Main the Causes of the Failure of Motor Start Capacitors

Many single-phase compressors require a starting to start the motor. These Motor run capacitors break down from time to time և the compressor does not start. Overheating is the main cause of trunk faults.

Main causes of failure

Primary condensers are not design to dissipate heat during continuous operation. They are design to stay in the loop while the engine is running. If the starting capacitor stays in the circuit for too long. It will overheat or break. If there is a starting capacitor that does not solve the problem. Then the starting relays should be consider as a possible cause. The relay contact points can be damage if they become clogg during operation. The starting capacitor is left in the circuit.

To eliminate this potential problem, the starting Motor start capacitors terminals must be resistant to ventilation. Damage contacts can result in a high voltage discharge stored in the starting capacitor of the original relay contacts. The resistance of the blood quickly distributes this energy to prevent damage to the starting relay contacts. Many new OEM starter capacitors come with air conditioners already install. Ordinary replacement capacitors may not response to one. Before installing a new capacitor, check that the terminals are leakage resistant. If there is no replacement, then a resistance of 15000-18000 2 W should be install on its terminals.

Another possible cause of capacitor failure is a short circuit of the motor. The original condenser may not have enough time to cool down after each operation. Which may cause the condenser to overheat. It is generally recommend that the starting capacitor be limit to 20 hours per hour.

The starting capacitor does not open normally և can be check with an ohmmeter or a capacitor tester. Usually a capacitor test shows that it is faulty. A faulty capacitor diaphragm usually explodes when the capacitor is faulty. However, a faulty starting capacitor does not always ignite the diaphragm. So always test the capacitor with a tester.

When replacing the original capacitor, two possible characteristics must be specify. First, the rated value of this microfarad (MFD) should be check և Second, its rated operating voltage.


The MFD of the replaceable capacitor must be the same as the original. If the sign is not correct, a capacitor with a 20% higher rating can be use. A low MFD score should not be used. The rated voltage of the capacitor must match the original. If there is no initial rated voltage, the capacitor can be replaced with a higher voltage. Do not use a lower voltage capacitor.

It is also recommend to replace the starting relay when replacing the starting capacitor. Damage to its contact is not always easy to identify, so it is best to replace the relay with precautions at the same time.

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