What Are Penny Stocks And How Do They Work?

What Are Penny Stocks And How Do They Work?

A small company’s stock that trades for around or less than $5 per share is commonly referred to as a “penny stock.” Although some penny stocks are traded on significant exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the majority are traded over-the-counter (OTC) using either the privately held OTC Markets Group or the electronic OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB). Over The Counter trades don’t take place on a trading floor. Additionally, all quotations are generated digitally. 

Penny stocks are those that often trade on a smaller exchange, have very small market capitalizations, are largely illiquid, and trade at extremely low prices. In the Indian stock market, penny stocks may trade for less than Rs 10. These stocks are high-risk and highly speculative.

Fluctuating Prices Of Penny Stocks 

Market sellers of penny stocks frequently represent expanding businesses with few capital and resources. Penny stocks are best suited to investors with a high tolerance for risk since these are primarily small businesses. 

Penny stocks typically have higher levels of volatility, which leads to higher potential rewards and, consequently, higher levels of inherent risk. On a penny stock, investors run the risk of losing their entire investment or even more. If they buy on margin, which implies they borrowed money from a bank or broker to buy the shares. 

Investors should use special caution given the increased risk levels involved with investing in penny stocks.

For instance, an investor should have a stop-loss order prepared before opening a position and be aware of the price level. Which to close it out if the market moves in the opposite direction of what they had anticipated. Stop-loss orders specify a price limit above which the securities are automatically sold. 

Although penny stocks offer the potential for huge gains, it’s crucial to set reasonable expectations and realize that they’re high-risk investments with little liquidity.

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The Upside

Although penny stocks carry significant risk, some of them have the potential to turn a modest investment into a sizable windfall. For instance, a $1 increase in the share price can net you $50,000 in a single day. If you buy 50,000 shares of a penny stock with a $1 price tag. Due to the high cost of purchasing such a big number of shares in the case of major stock, this is not feasible. 

The Downside 

Penny stocks have a lot of drawbacks as well because they are vulnerable to price manipulation, abrupt delistings, and federal regulatory scrutiny. Without leaving any clues for the normal investor to determine whether the price surge is genuine or artificial. One can manipulate the stock by purchasing thousands of shares and causing a spike. Additionally, because penny stocks are frequently not governed by a national stock exchange, they are more vulnerable to scams.

Stock exchanges classify these kinds of equities in a new category known as the “trade-to-trade basket” due to all these risks. No intraday share trading is permitted in this category. In addition, transactions must be compulsorily resolved on a gross basis, which means that if you sell shares, you must deliver them that day; if you buy shares, you must take delivery that day.

Why Penny Stocks Are Risky 

Some small enterprises do have access to public investment through penny stocks. These businesses might use this platform as a stepping stone to enter a bigger market. Additionally, there is a possibility for tremendous upside because they sell at such modest costs. However, a few things make trading or investing in  these stocks more dangerous. First, securities typically carry greater risk than blue-chip equities, which represent more established businesses. 

A blue-chip business is well-known, reputable, and financially stable. Blue chips typically offer top-notch, extensively used goods and services. In addition, blue-chip firms often have a track record of surviving recessions and continuing to make money in the face of challenging economic conditions, which helps to support steady growth.


Provide a channel for small businesses to seek government funds. 

Penny stocks may occasionally offer a way to access more extensive market listings. 

Penny stocks offer a huge potential for share appreciation due to their cheaper pricing.


Even after their price has increased, there may not be many buyers for penny stocks. Therefore they lack a liquid market. 

The company’s financial performance is only sparingly disclosed. 

Penny stocks have a significant likelihood of fraud and the underlying company’s insolvency.


A variety of circumstances might spark a penny stock’s conversion to a regular stock. For example, the business may either register an existing class of securities with the SEC or issue new securities in a registered offering with the regulator. 

Unless there is an exemption, both kinds of transactions automatically obligate the company to follow periodic reporting requirements. Which include informing investors about its operations, financial situation, and management of the business. These forms include the annual Form 10-K, quarterly Form 8-K reports, and 10-Q quarterly reports. Which provide information on unexpected and noteworthy occurrences. 

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