What are the Benefits of AI Technology in Education?

While it is possible to imagine a world where machines can take over and teach students, there is a balance between humans and machines. AI technology in the classroom should not replace human teachers; rather, it should complement them, making their job easier and more enjoyable. School intranets can also be integrated with digital classrooms, widening the possibilities for a hybrid learning environment. Incorporating artificial intelligence into a school’s intranet will enable the school to automate lessons, content, and replies, creating a social platform where students can interact.

Improves teacher-student engagement:

Using artificial intelligence (AI) systems to help teachers create customized courses and give feedback to students is an increasingly popular way to engage students. Some schools have even deployed AI systems to monitor student progress and alert professors about problems. Conversely, teachers are concerned that AI systems may take away opportunities for exploration and discovery. To address these concerns, educators must create AI systems that support student engagement. Below are some ways to implement AI systems in the classroom.


In the study, participants were participants in a doctoral program at a higher education institution in the Southeast United States. All were STEM-related teachers in K-12 schools, although one participant switched from Science to English. All had at least ten years of teaching experience and had no previous AI-based scaffolding. Participants also were enrolled in a doctoral program at the university, where they were learning about design principles for formal learning environments.

Improves learning for students with learning disabilities:

One way to improve learning for students with disabilities is to change the learning context. Changing the learning environment will increase students’ learning ability while creating a more social atmosphere. The focus of learning should be on engaging the student in activities that help them improve their skills and participate in the classroom. It is also possible to modify the environment to accommodate students with disabilities who struggle with writing. The following are several methods to improve learning for students with learning disabilities.

Identify the disability:

Identify the disability. Learning disabilities are not easily visible. Therefore, students with disabilities may be overlooked, viewed as unable to work with others, or even have poor intelligence. While some students are born with learning disabilities, others suffer from various conditions, including ADD/ADHD and other psychiatric disorders. The impact of the learning disability on a student’s ability to learn is often difficult to discern, but understanding the implications of learning disabilities is essential for faculty and staff to ensure that disabled students have equal opportunities to succeed.


Complements teachers:

The role of AI in the learning process is still not clear. Participants in this study expressed concern that AI might reduce teachers’ roles to that of assistants. They also questioned the reliability of AI information. While teachers and AI may co-exist in the future, the pace of change will likely accelerate. Several teachers acknowledged AI’s potential risks and benefits and suggested future directions for teachers and AI coexistence. Some indicated that teachers gain knowledge of AI-enabled scaffolding and become familiar with its integration into teaching environments.

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