What Are The Main Advantages Of Sustainable Building Construction?


By its nature, the construction industry is responsible for consuming large amounts of materials while also producing more wastes than any other competing sector or industry. Such is the reason why there has been a major need for the implementation of sustainability in the construction industry, especially due to the growing concerns of climate change and the issue of depleting the earth’s resources. 

Construction companies are now moving towards reduced environmental impact, which is why it’s essential to learn about the significance of sustainable building construction. 

The Pillars Of Sustainable Construction

  • The Environmental Perspective

In case you’re not aware, the construction sector is directly responsible for consuming 50 percent of the global raw materials. The lighting & heating of buildings also counts for 42 percent of the total consumption of energy. Moreover, according to a professional service provider for building construction in Windsor, the construction industry also produces a lot of waste. 

However, sustainable construction takes all of these above-mentioned factors into consideration, along with the biodiversity of the land on which the construction is being done. Proper efforts should be undertaken to preserve the fauna & flora of the land on which construction is being done. 

  • The Social Perspective

It should be learned that sustainable construction should not be just restricted to the ecological dimensions. Since the average person nowadays spends most of his or her time indoors (almost 80-90 percent), the quality of the building that the person living in matters the most. 

Some of the factors that affect the quality of the building are thermal comfort, air quality, and acoustic comfort. All of these are critical factors to be remembered when constructing sustainably. 

Besides, buildings that are not properly constructed or designed, will always harm the overall health of the residents or users, leading to high heating & maintenance costs. 

The Merits Of Sustainable Construction

  • Use Of Sustainable Materials

When the question of sustainable construction is asked, the first criteria that pop up is the use of biodegradable materials. Traditional materials that are currently utilized in the construction industry tend to create a large amount of waste along with the spread of toxic chemicals. 

But, the use of biodegradable materials, like organic paints, can help in lessening the overall negative impact of the construction industry on the environment. 

  • Use Of Sustainable Technologies

As the European countries are pushing more towards lessening the carbon footprint and energy consumption, various green building technologies have thus come to light. Some of the technologies include self-powered buildings, solar panels, cool roofs and electronic smart window glasses.

All of these aforementioned technologies can increase the efficiency of the construction industry and thus promote the practice of green construction. 

  • Optimizing The Use Of Water

The process of building construction requires water and without water, construction would not be possible. Therefore, building contractors have to look into methods through which the use of water can be done efficiently, and if required, water recycling procedures can also be implemented on-site to lower the usage of water. 

Thus, sustainable construction is not only poised to benefit the people living inside of the buildings but also the outside environment. 


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