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Anywhere a woman goes, her shoulder bag goes with her. It is absolute essential that they cannot think about leaving their house without. Whether you are headed out to get some groceries, going to work, family events or parties, you will not see a woman without her shoulder bag. Of course, with the variety we see these days, you will see many kinds. Each type of shoulderbag is suited for a certain occasion. For example, a clutch seems more appropriate for evening events, particularly ones of formal nature. A medium-sized shoulder bag is a good option for an office where you will spend your entire day. 

Safe to say, we spend a lot on these accessories. So we should also know what we are really paying for. Bags can have distinct features, and it is a good thing to know exactly what you are paying for. Let’s look at a few of the things you should consider when buying a shoulder bag. 

1. The size of the bag 

You should see whether the bag’s size is the appropriate size that you are looking for. Does everything that you require to fit into this bag? Women’s bags expand as they are used more and become older. You shouldn’t be cramming your things into the bag. If you do, the bag will wear out soon, and the money won’t justify the value you should be expecting. Additionally, your attire and the event you are attending should be complemented by the size of the bag. Imagine walking into a wedding reception with an oversized tote bag. 

2. Having enough compartments 

Women often have trouble finding what they are looking for in their purses, abruptly moving the things here and there in their bags. It can get quite challenging for women to find their home keys in their bags because they pack their bags with too much stuff, and there isn’t enough room for everything. Having a few compartments inside the bag can save a lot of time and worry. You don’t constantly shift through things and begin questioning if perhaps you have lost or misplaced your keys or the lipstick you need for a quick fix. We would strongly suggest that you look for a bag with multiple compartments and put your items in the bag’s eyes if your bag is cluttered. When your phone calls, you can easily find it. 

3. The material matters 

The material used to manufacture your bag should be one of the most important things to look for when finding the right bag. You can use a bag for longer if you choose one made of sturdy material. For use in the spring and summer, fabric bags are perfect. Even in the sweltering summer heat, you don’t mind it, even if it gets dirty quickly. Eventually, your bag tears because it can no longer support the weight inside. You can also choose functional designs made from a variety of materials to stay away from such uncomfortable circumstances.

4. The color 

Of course, the color of your bag also matters. Opt for colors that you typically have in your closet so you can use the bag more without having to worry about matching if that’s something you’re into. Even though some combinations of bags in colors like orange, pink, or green improve your style, you can’t use them whenever you like. You can play it safe with either matching colors that are close together on the color wheel or the opposite.

5. The price 

One of the most crucial aspects for you is the bag’s pricing. Even though a high-quality bag is priceless if you plan to use it for a very long time yet, still spending a lot of money on these accessories you’ll only use occasionally doesn’t seem reasonable. If you want to save money without having to feel like you are mismatching, invest in bags of neutral colors like black, white and browns. They go with almost all other kinds of colors so they will surely go with your outfits and look good too. 

6. Resistance

Shoulder bags should be durable. Some purses get spoiled because mould and fungus like to grow on them. If you are not very careful, it will also damage your belongings. However, if you consider leather, they are extremely resilient and cannot be attacked by germs, fungus, or moulds. Shoulder bags made of leather are contaminant-resistant. Moreover, they are waterproof, and the moisture won’t cause your bag to deform and cleaning the leather is also simple.

7. Comfort 

The bag should make you feel comfortable. The weight of a shoulderbag can put a strain on your shoulders. Your hands and shoulders will experience relief with lightweight bags. The bag will be more comfortable to carry if there is cushioning inside. If the bottom and sides are padded, your belongings will stay in place, and you’ll feel more at ease. 

8. Straps of the bag 

Any shoulder bags for women that have straps has the added benefit of being more portable because you can hang them from your shoulder or tie them around your waist. Your bag may look more attractive, thanks to the straps. You may also have extra storage options with pockets. Women who adore shoulderbags with pockets will find that pocket totes are the ideal choice.

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