What Can Get More YouTube Subscribers See About Their Viewers
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What Can Get More YouTube Subscribers See About Their Viewers

You can see a lot of information about the people who watch your videos as a YouTuber. Probably far more than most people believe. What information can YouTubers see about their viewers, how visible is this information, and why can some of this information be seen in the first place? These are some of the issues I’ll address in this article.

If you’re a viewer and aren’t sure what the stations you watch can see about your information, this should help. And if you’re a YouTuber, getting to know your audience better is a great approach to create material that’s suited to them, so maybe you’ll find this article beneficial.

Can YouTubers see how many people have seen their videos?

YouTubers cannot see who has viewed their video in detail, but they can see the percentage of viewers who are a given age or gender. If you’re 23 years old, male, and live in Canada, you’ll be one of the X percent of viewers who are male, Canadian, and aged 18 to 24.

If you’re a creator, this can give you some insight into the types of videos that your audience is most interested in, as well as some inspiration (this is similar to the old “related channels” box that used to be visible on YouTube channel home pages).

Can YouTubers see where you are

Get more YouTube subscribers creators are unable to see your precise location. They may see the percentage of viewers from a certain country that watched their videos.

But that’s about as concrete as it gets. And, because this information isn’t available for every view, you’ll need a large dataset (huge following/high view count) to see a breakdown of what viewers come from what state.

Is it possible for YouTubers to see who liked and disliked a video?

YouTubers have no way of knowing who liked or disliked their videos, and all of the videos you like are preserved to a private playlist named “Liked videos.” If you want to learn more about the liked video playlist, this guide will tell you everything you need to know and more.

A YouTuber can only view the number of likes and dislikes they have received. When people don’t spam it, this can be a valuable feature for determining how well a video addressed a topic.

As a viewer or YouTuber, you may check the exact number of likes and dislikes a video has earned right in the search results using free programmes like VidIQ or TubeBuddy. This is beneficial for

Is it possible for YouTubers to see who has shared their video?

If you share someone’s video, they don’t get a notification or anything (unless you tag them), but in rare circumstances, the creator can find out who shared it if they go looking for it.

If someone publishes a video on Twitter, for example, you can type the video URL into Twitter’s search bar and it will return all of the tweets that have shared that URL.

It’s simple to see who has posted your films on Twitter, but it’s more difficult on other social media platforms.

You can’t see who shared a video in general, but if it’s shared publicly or in a public group, the creator of the video can see who shared it. However, most YouTubers do not go out of their way to find this.

Whether you want to notify a YouTuber that you’ve shared their video, the quickest option is to see if they’re on social media and then tag them in the post.

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