What do companies do with old phones and electronic devices when they sell millions of new gadgets every year?

What is E-waste or Electronic Waste?

There are millions of smartphone users around the world. With every innovation in the smartphone world, millions of devices witness huge sales every year. A smartphone user uses a phone only for a few years until a new one with advanced features is launched. Later, these old smartphones are of no use and are considered E-waste. Do you know what happens to the old smartphones and electronic devices when they are no longer in use? Let us take a look at what happens to all these devices. Most of the world’s landfills are overflowing with the residuals of electronic devices. These old phones end up in landfills. They are discarded, and these phones end up harming the environment. Old mobile phones are hazardous waste in many parts of the world. When these smartphones and electronic devices end up in a landfill, they can pollute the air and drinking water. 

Electronic or E-waste is a significant problem in many parts of the world. However, multiple solutions can help humans eliminate waste and pollution. The best answers to eliminate or reduce the E-waste is to recycle old mobile phone, trade-in for a new one or resell them. 

What should be done with old devices?

It is pretty simple if you wish to trade in your old phone for a new one. Most online platforms have the facility of trading in your old smartphone for a new one. The trade-in program comes with multiple terms and conditions, and your old phones need to fit in these conditions. If your old phone is in a bad condition or has dents and scratches, it might not be eligible for the trade-in. This trade-in will come with some drawbacks as you will have to shell out a few extra bucks to buy a new phone. You will also have to keep the old phone with you as it won’t fit the trade-in criteria.

In such a case, it will be best if you sell an old phone or recycle it from a trusted and reliable platform. Many sources are available for the same, but which one is convenient and trustworthy? The question still keeps coming to one’s mind. We have found a solution for you in the preceding paragraphs to answer this question. 

Where can one sell old smartphones?

You will find numerous platforms to sell old mobile phone online, but not all are dependable. These websites function in a particular manner and reduce the toll on the environment caused by the E-waste that ends up in landfills. Cashify is one such platform where you can sell old phones in exchange for cash. A few simple steps will help you sell your old phone to Cashify with utmost ease. The procedure to sell old phones at Cashify is user friendly and convenient. You can start by checking the price of your device.

Once you are happy with the suggested price, you can book a free doorstep pickup for your mobile phone and get instant payment for your old phone. These three simple steps will help you get rid of your old phone and help you build a budget for a new smartphone. Instant money is a minor source of monetary funds which can also add to your budget for a new mobile phone.

 Cashify also provides smartphone recycling services. If you want to recycle old phones, you can select the device on Cashify’s website and book a pickup for the old phone. Later, you will get a special reward that Cashify has in store for you. Cashify also plants a tree in exchange for the recycled device. More than 10,000 trees have been planted so far for recycled devices. The entire procedure will not take too much time and is quite convenient. 


Therefore, if you are looking forward to selling old phones or recycling them, there is no better option than Cashify. You can sell the device as well as recycle it both at Cashify. Thus, Cashify reduces the hassle of reaching out to multiple platforms for both purposes. With Cashify, selling and recycling old phones is an easy task. However, do you know what happens to your old phone after you sell it? Cashify buys the phone and then does a few needed repairs to the phone. Later, the phones are resold to customers looking for second-hand devices. The entire process of selling old phones to Cashify has many benefits as they reduce the adverse effects on the environment and give you instant money.  

We have helped you find the best source to sell old phones online or recycle them. So, now that you know which source is the correct one to sell old phones and what happens with your old phones, you need to make a wise choice. If you choose the right platform, you might enjoy many benefits alongside the primary service that most other platforms won’t provide you.


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