Water Booster Pump

What is a Water Booster Pump?

Many homeowners are recommended to get a water booster pump to increase both the water pressure and water volume that flows from the faucet or the shower head. A domestic water booster pump is useful when a single pump cannot deliver the desired pressure. Low water pressure can turn personal hygiene practices into a hassle, and it may be time to get a booster pump.

Causes of Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is caused by many different things, namely the following:


Gravity can either accelerate or slow down water flow, depending on where water must be delivered. The higher the elevation of the water’s destination, the lower the water pressure. This is because gravity will send the water back down as it travels up to several floors.

Skyscrapers, apartment buildings, multiple-story homes or buildings will usually be the ones to suffer from low water pressure and benefit from a large water booster pump.

Water Source Distance

Apart from gravity, the distance between the water source and the structure using the water will affect water pressure. If a particular home is located at the end of the water supply line, then the water flow can be low by the time it reaches it.

The size of the water pipes can also affect water pressure. Small pipes will only allow a small amount of water to pass through.

Plumbing Issues

Aside from the causes that a water booster pump can solve, low water pressure can also be caused by clogged pipes. Getting a water booster pump won’t solve anything when there are pre-existing plumbing issues.

Low Water Pressure in the City

Some houses may be located near the water source, have clear pipes, and not have multiple stories only to still suffer from low water pressure. This can be because of low-pressure water from the local water plant.

Other Water Systems

Clean water is essential for every home, and people can get them thanks to water treatment systems and other systems that bring fresh water to houses. Such systems, however, can decrease the water pressure and may need a booster pump to restore normal pressure.

Parts of a Booster Pump

Most water booster pumps will have the same core components, which are the motor, impeller, inlet and outlet, and a pressure sensing device.

How a Booster Pump Works

A water booster pump works by boosting the water pressure and improving the flow rate as a result. It works like a fan in that it has an impeller the same way that a fan has blades that spin around to increase air movement. The pump’s impeller increases both pressure and water flow in the same manner.

The booster pumps increase the low water flow in the water systems and transport the water from a water system to a house or commercial building. Hotels will need large commercial booster pumps for their needs, while small houses will only need smaller domestic versions.

A booster pump is also utilized to re-pressurize water from storage tanks and send it to a faucet. For example, rainwater collected in a storage tank will need to be pumped out by a booster pump to be used for flushing toilets.

Will a Water Booster Pump Really Improve Pressure and Flow Rate?

A water booster pump can increase water pressure by forcing the water to flow at a faster rate through the pipes. However, people should remember to keep the pump curve in mind; as the pressure required to move the water increases, the flow rate decreases.

A booster pump essentially increases pressure by restricting the flow rate.

Booster Pump Types

Water booster pumps are typically available as either ordinary pumps or variable speed drive pumps.

Ordinary Booster Pumps

Works at a constant rate and cannot increase water flow rate or adjust speed.

Variable Speed Drive Pumps

Can adjust the speed based on different pressures. If the water pressure at the water source varies, people can adjust the pump’s performance to get the required pressure. This pump is also useful in cutting down energy costs.

When People Need a Water Booster Pump

People should consider getting a water booster pump when they’re experiencing low water pressure that isn’t caused by a leak or need to increase water pressure for certain applications. A booster pump won’t do anything if the pipes have leaks or are clogged.

There are several things to consider when looking for a water booster pump, like the following:

  • Current water flow rate
  • Amount of water needed in a household
  • Whether the water source is above or below the pump
  • Pressure needed

Booster pumps will help increase water pressure, but a booster pump can solve not all causes of low water pressure. Low outlet pressure doesn’t automatically mean that the source pressure is low. The other reasons are the following:

  • Clogged pipes can introduce high resistance to the water flowing through the pipes, affecting both the flow rate and water pressure.
  • Peak demand on the water distribution system results in low water pressure, regardless of the presence of a water booster pump.
  • A faulty water meter valve or pressure regulator plays a vital role in keeping the water pressure at the desired level in the water supply line. Any fault with either of these devices will affect the water pressure.

How should People Choose the Right Water Booster Pump?

Large houses will need booster pumps that can supply pressure to the second and third floors. If the water pressure is too low on the upper floors, people will need to replace their old booster pumps if they got the wrong pump.

When looking for a water booster pump, people should look for a trusted company offering local water booster pump installation in California that offers great domestic water booster pump price. Foster’s Pump Inc. offers quality local pump installation services in California and provides homes and businesses with quality water booster pumps they need.

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