What is C Programming Language, Features, Concepts

c programming language
c programming language

C Programming Language is known as a very old Programming Language, it is a Structured Programming Language. With the help of C Programming Language, they are operated by writing programs for computers or other machines. Today all the advanced programming languages ​​such as Java, .NET, PHP, Visual Basic, JavaScript, etc., are all based on C Programming Language.

So if you learn C Programming Language then it will be very easy for you to learn other Programming Language. 

C Programming was used to create Windows Operating System Linux Operating System and UNIX Operating System also.

Before learning C Programming, your computer should have Turbo C ++ installed. It is a C++ programming course or C compiler, it is a type of translator that works to convert source code into object code, in simple words, the compiler checks the error in the program.

History of C Programming Language

In 1960, Cambridge University invented a programming language which was named B Programming Language Basic Combined Programming Language. But there were some flaws in it, but (B) Programming Language was an Open Source Project and Computer Scientist Dennis Ritchie made a lot of improvements and changes in it and (B) the modified form of Programming Language gave birth to C Programming Language. 

Therefore, Dennis Ritchie is considered to be the creator of C Programming Language. The main purpose of the amendment in B Programming Language was to create UNIX Operating System.

Features of C Programming Language

  • Lower Case Letters are used to give instructions commands in C Programming Language.
  • The speed of execution of programs made in C Programming Language is sharp.
  • The main character of C Programming Language is that it has all the qualities of High-Level Programming Language as well as Low-Level Programming Language.
  • C Programming Language is such a programming language in which both system software and application software can be created.
  • Most computer software such as everyday applications, music players, video editors, animation software, games, etc., are made using the advanced c++ course because programs made from C programming are executed very quickly.
  • C Programming Language is write in Assembly Language.
  • Learning C Programming Language is very easy because it is in Simple English Language.

Basic Concepts of C Programming

Basic Syntax: C is a Structured Programming Language, which works towards Top to Bottom. In simple words, it does not work on the bottom until the Top Clear Execute is complete. The Basic Syntax of C Programming is as follows: Header, Body, and Code Statements consist of these three things to form a Basic Program.

C Operators: Operators are used to manipulating data and variables in the program. The C Programming Language provides many operators to perform various types of operations. 

There are many types of operators like Assignments Operators, Arithmetic Operators, Logical Operators, and these operators usually work on many types of Variable or Constant. Among the operators in the C language, most operators are binary, which means they take two operands and some take only one operand.

C Arrays: The array is a collection of variables of the same data type, in other words, it is a group of similar data items, which means that Array stores only one type of data. An array is a special variable that can hold more than one value using the same variable using an index. Arrays are define in a very simple syntax.

C Strings: A Sequence of Characters is commonly known as a String. Strings are use in Programming Language to process Sentences like Words, Addresses, Names, etc. A String in C is simply a Zero-ending Character Array. Strings are always declare as Character Arrays, in other words, Character Arrays are call Strings. A Strings in C is actually a Character Array and stores only one letter as an Individual Character Variable. We need Characters Array to store the String.

C Data Types: Data Type is a keyword that is use to identify the type of data. By allocating a sufficient amount of memory space in the main memory of the computer, the data type is use for the storage of the input in the main memory of the computer. In other words, the data type is use in the main memory of the computer.

How to learn the C language? 

Just as humans have to use some language to talk to each other, in the same way, if they want to talk to a computer then C language is use. That is, this language is use to perform communication between Computer and Human beings. This mighty C language is also a type of language, with the help of which you can talk to a machine.

Just as before you learn English or Hindi, you must have taught its basics like Characters, Alphabets, Special symbols, Two-Character words, then after that you will have to learn to read words from those letters then Sentence then paragraph then Lesson.

Similarly, before you learn C Langauge, you have to learn to make its basics such as Keywords, Alphabets, Characters, Symbols, then we will learn to make instructions, after that we will learn to make programs and software.

Here we are going to tell you some such websites, where you can see the best course modules for c programming languages. Some sites are free and some institute’ websites. You can also take offline mode training to learn c language for these you need to choose the best and advanced c programming training institute. 

Who is able to teach you the best course training on live projects. You can choose Next-G Education. Which is know for website designing and development training institute in Rohini Delhi.  with the help of which you can easily learn C programming course, so let’s know which are those websites from where you can learn C language.

  1. Next-G Education
  2. Web Development Institute
  3. Udemy
  4. javatpoint
  5. Coursera
  6. Tutorialspoint
  7. CsTutorialpoint
  8. Pluralsight

Even if you want a video tutorial. You will find it here. You can search on Youtube for Free Video Tutorial.

If you want to learn Coding from Youtube Videos. Then I am going to tell you about some such Youtube Channels. From where you can easily learn C Language. Best Youtube Channels To Learn C++ programming course


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