What is Progressive Web Apps and why is it Important for You

What is Progressive Web Apps and why is it Important for You?

The web industry, like almost every other thing in life, is in a constant state of flux. The insatiable demands of customers for a better experience constantly push the companies to invest millions in search of a better solution. The latest in this string of developments is progressive web apps. Many hail progressive web apps as the best for eCommerce. So, should you also start developing progressive web apps?

Well, that is for you to decide. But first, go through the following pages to have a clear idea. So, let’s start with the basics. By outsourcing mobile app development to India, you can have stellar progressive web apps at a low cost and increase engagement and conversions by leaps and bounds. Outsourcing is the best and cost effective solution when it comes to hire mobile web developers.

What is progressive web apps?

Does the question sound too basic? We know it does. But it is important to have a clear idea about what is progressive web apps before we can dive in further. In simple terms, Progressive Web Apps are websites that function as native applications.

Equipped with the functionality of a native app and usability of a website, these apps truly offer the best of both worlds. The best characteristic of PWA that makes a wonderful application is their ability to function even in areas of low network connectivity.

Now that we have briefly discussed what progressive web apps is, it is important to turn our attention to the reason behind the popularity of progressive web apps for eCommerce. Post this we will be talking about the cost of developing progressive web apps and offer you reasons as to why you should outsource mobile web development to India?

Benefits of progressive web apps for eCommerce

Statistics reveal that number of people having access to smartphones is growing at a rapid pace. Predictions are fife that the number of smartphone owners will soon cross the number of people having access to potable water. As such, the number of people accessing the internet through their mobile already exceeds the number of people accessing the internet through their desktops. So, businesses know that they need mobile apps to stamp their authority in the industry.

However, apps still lack the usability offered by the websites. Thus, for businesses, none of the solutions is perfect. This, therefore, created the space for a third platform which we refer to as progressive web apps. As already explained under what is progressive web apps, these apps stand out by offering the best of both worlds.

Additionally, they have high engagement rates and have huge revenue generation capabilities. Owing to these advantages, progressive web apps have emerged as the go-to technology in the mobile application area. They stand apart owing to the simplicity in their development and the extraordinary user experience that they offer.

So, now that we have an overall idea of the benefits of Progressive web apps, let’s look at the specific benefits that progressive web apps have for eCommerce.

Engagement rates

Although the number of mobile internet users is higher than desktop internet users, the conversion rate of mobile trafficking is not too high. The conversion rate for mobile traffic is roughly around 16% of the total conversions. But progressive web apps (PWA) can change that. Statistics reveal that eCommerce stores report a 20% revenue increase by switching to PWA.

The first benefit of PWA is that users do not have to install any application through the Play store. Rather they can directly access the application right on their home screen. There is also no need to download updates as that happens in the background.

Push notifications

Another feature that makes progressive web apps a must-have for eCommerce is the ability to send push notifications to users. PWAs can help an eCommerce site send notifications to the users directly on their mobile phones and boost engagements manifold.

Reduction in development costs

Currently, businesses with an omnichannel strategy for different platforms have to rely on at least 4 different systems. But with the arrival of PWAs, businesses need to maintain only one platform-the PWA website. Thus, businesses can serve customers on multiple channels using the same platform. This is one of the reasons developers are going gaga over the use of progressive web apps for eCommerce.

Throughout the above paragraphs, we have gone through what is progressive web apps, the benefits offered by PWAs, and the reason behind people going gaga over the use of progressive web apps for eCommerce. Now, let’s consider the cost of developing PWA and why it is best to outsource mobile app development to India.

Cost of developing PWA

Many believe that developing a PWA involves the outlay of a significant amount. But this generalized belief is flawed and far from reality. You do not have to necessarily spend a huge amount to develop a PWA. Additionally, you can reduce the development cost by outsourcing mobile app development to India.

Generally, several factors determine the cost of development. For instance, the development cost can vary based on factors like the number of pages, choice of platform, and the design. Thus, you can reduce the development cost by reducing the back-end features that it has like calendar, email subscription, development cost and API integration. On the other hand, the development costs can increase if you want to offer real-time updates, custom features, multi-lingual support, etc. through your application.

Therefore, the cost of developing an application is specific to that application. Thus, it is best to consult with experts about the features and costs before developing progressive web apps for eCommerce.

Why outsource mobile app development to India?

By outsourcing mobile app development to India, you can gain the advantage of high-quality development at a relatively low cost. This can help you stay ahead of your competitors and give a definite boost to your business.

So, what are you waiting for? It is high time to make a definitive move. Connect with a progressive web apps development company now and know more.

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