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What is the best sleeping pill for insomnia?

Sleeping pills:

Sleeping pills also known as hypnotics or sedatives are kind of medicines or drugs which help a person to fall asleep relatively quickly and easily as compared to without them. Those people who suffer from insomnia or any other type of condition which prevents them to sleep can use such sleep sedatives. However it should be kept in mind that these types of drugs can lead to side effects too which can be serious as well. Therefore it is imperative that a person consults his doctor before using such hypnotics. Due to the potential risks associated with these medicines doctors usually prescribe them for only limited period of time or for short term use. People can buy sleeping pills UK from either any drug store or pharmacy or online from different drug sellers. The sleeping pills cause sedation which makes a person feel drowsy and hence falls asleep.

Risks of using sleeping pills:

People who use UK sleeping pills for a long time may suffer from different side effects which can vary from person to person and include the following:

  1. Problems or issues with maintaining balance.
  2. Appetite changes.
  3. Tingling sensation in upper and lower extremities including feet, hands, legs etc.
  4. Throat may become dry.
  5. Drowsiness during daytime which can prevent a person to perform routine activities.
  6. These sedatives can cause addiction as well.
  7. Difficulty while concentrating.
  8. Some people also find it difficult to remember things.
  9. Other abdominal issues including gas.
  10. Lightheadedness
  11. A person can wake up confused in the middle of the night.
  12. There is an increased risk of falls more so in older patients who take such pills.

Prescription sleeping pills:

The type of sleep hypnotics which are available via prescription are more strong and powerful than over the counter sleep sedatives. The drug which are classified as Z drugs like zaleplon, zolpidem etc. are include in prescription sleeping pills. Apart from these, the benzodiazepines like lorazepam, diazepam, clonazepam etc. are classified as prescription hypnotics. Moreover there are many other kinds of antidepressants which are also prescribed by the doctor to overcome sleep related disorders.

Over the counter sleeping pills:

Over the counter sleeping pills can be bought by any individual irrespective of age or any other condition without showing any prescription. One of the main and important ingredient in such over the counter sleep medicines is antihistamine. It is kind of drug which is best for curing allergies while at the same time it makes a person drowsy. This is the reason why many people prefer these antihistamines or over the counter sedatives for overcoming sleep related difficulties or issues. It is advised to consult a doctor first before using them as they can interact with other medicines as well and can lead to adverse outcomes.

Insomnia, an introduction:

Insomnia is one of the most common type of sleeping disorder which is characterize as lack of sleep. In such a condition a person finds it difficult to sleep and takes hours to fall asleep. In some cases, those who suffer from insomnia need to take help of hypnotics or sedatives to overcome this issue. Insomnia also means that a person if successfully sleeps may wake up in the middle of the night and may find it difficult to sleep again. There are many causes of this medical condition and include any type of neurological issue which prevents a person to sleep, anxiety or any other mental disorder, pain in any part of the body, some specific medicines which prevent a person to get a sound sleep etc. Due to this, people may take sleeping pills for insomnia. 

Insomnia and the use of sleeping pills:

Some of the best sleeping pills are used to deal with the medical condition of insomnia. There are a number of option available to the individual but it is best to use such pill which is direct by the doctor. The best drugs include the following:

  1. Lunesta
  2. Benzodiazepine
  3. Dayvigo
  4. Belsomra
  5. Silenor
  6. Ambien
  7. Sonata

Lunesta or eszopiclone can help a person to sleep for up to 8 hours in a day and is a preferred drug. The dose should not go beyond 1 mg for beginners. Moreover benzos like Halcion and Restoril can also aid in curing insomnia and they stay for long time in the body. These type of drugs are also effective to deal with sleep related disorders like night terrors and also in other cases sleepwalk. One major side effect of such drugs include addiction and also in some cases may lead to dependence due to which those who have a history of drug abuse should not use benzodiazepine.

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