What is the cost of dating app development?

What is the cost of dating app development?

Online dating services have grown rapidly over the past 10 years in terms of the number of users and also the industry. In the year 2019, Tinder was the top dating application in the United States, with over 7.86 million users. Along with this, fluctuations have also been seen in the cost of dating app.

It’s hard to overestimate the significance to online-based dating. It particularly in light year events has become vital for a large number of people. Experts have predicted the continuing increase on dating sites, which makes it certain that the trend will continue to grow.

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely aware how dating applications can turn out to be extremely profitable investments if properly executed.

We take a look at ways to build our own Tinderific service. We also examine the cost of dating app. 

The first thing you should consider is the kind of application you’ll develop. Let’s look at some examples.

Dating App Types

The market for dating apps is vast, and prior to building one, you must determine which one is the most suitable for your needs.

The first thing to consider is the differences between algorithm-based and location-based applications.

Dating apps that are based on location (like our favorite Tinder and Bumble) rely on geolocation information and display possible matches based on the user’s geographical location, whereas dating apps that use matching algorithms utilize a different strategy. Apps like OkCupid use the responses of users to make matches. The algorithm looks for similarities between responses to questionnaires and matches on forms according to the anticipated compatibility.

The apps targeted certain groups of users, which is referred to by the term specific dating applications because such apps are more targeted in comparison to the standard dating apps. The types of niche range from age groups to specific topics of interest, and all the way to. Its Our time application, as an instance can bring together those in their 50s and up. Another excellent illustration could be The League, an exclusive dating app designed for young and ambitious people.

After you’ve formulated the design of your app’s future then it’s time to identify its primary attributes. Here are the most important of them.

cost of dating app

Principal Dating App Features

The demands of users and their expectations are increasing, so does the options that are available. To be competitive with your competitors, your app should meet the requirements of its possible customers. A user-friendly interface and improved features draw more people in and will make your app more appealing to stand out in the marketplace.

Common features found in dating apps are:

Create a profile allows users to input and edit information such as their photo and bio.

Geolocation function Utilizes GPS information to locate matches close to.

Integration with social networks allows you to connect the app to social accounts like Facebook as well as Instagram. When this feature is enabled, users can sign-up directly on any social network.

Matching and swiping — A simple system that speeds up the process of matching and makes the search for new matches simple.

Chat in real-time — A vital feature for matches who want to remain in contact with one another. Tinder recently took this one leap further, and developed the video-chat feature to its members.

Notification system Informs users of any new matches and any updates.

Security for personal information is the first priority for every app, especially with regard to social media apps. Users should be confident that their personal information remains secure in the app. There’s also no chance of sensitive data being exposed, which is what was the case last week with infamous 3fun. Imagine, over 1.5 million users’ personal information was exposed as the app was not secure enough.

They are only a few of the features that are offered by all the well-known dating applications. If you’re trying to stand out and exceed customer’s expectations, then you could build advanced features to your app, but keep in mind that the cost of dating app will rise accordingly.

From here it’s appropriate to think about the return on investment. We’ll take a closer examine the different methods of monetization below.

How do Tinder-like apps make Profit?

We have already mentioned that you can make a lot of profits from a dating app. However, first you have to choose the best strategy for monetization. It is crucial to select the correct business model right at the start, or your app could be a failure similar to Cuddli. The popular, geek-oriented dating site was a failure due to its business model and was eventually close down after 100,000 users.

The easiest method to earn money is to market your app as a pay-to-download service. However, for dating apps it’s not the ideal solution since dating apps must to appeal to a wide population. There are a variety of options to make money through a dating app.

Here are some other methods to earn money with your dating app:

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Premium Accounts

The majority of dating apps (Tinder isn’t an exception) are based on an “freemium” commercial model. their free edition is available for download however, to gain access to options, customers have to subscribe to a. For instance, Bumble’s upgraded version “Boost” allows unlimited swipes and the possibility of rematching with connections that have expired as well as a host of other benefits.

However, how often do they invest money in these things? It turns out most of the time. Tinder’s success is stunning — in five short years, the number of paid subscribers grew from 97 thousand to more than 6 million!

In-App Adds

Another method of earning money for an app for dating is through in-app ads. Companies that offer mobile ads offer a fair amount of money for you to allow broadcast advertisements on your app, particularly in cases where the audience is that is in the thousands. As an example, the average profit per impression for the most basic banner ad is $0.10 and the video ad (which will be your most costly type of advertisement) will cost you about $5-10. For those who do not desire to see ads it is possible to offer an ad-free option that is paid.

It is true that a significant portion of users will be frustrated by advertisements popping up constantly. Therefore, before integrating ads it is important to first assess the effects on UX.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases allow users to purchase a specific service from within the application. This method is typically used in games, but could be used in dating apps as well. Many people do not need to buy an entire subscription when they are only looking to use premium features only occasionally. In this case you could sell small extras, much like Tinder offers with their “boost” and “superlike” extensions. The cost for “boosts” in it’s worth, ranges from $1.99 to over $6.00 per one.

The process of creating an Dating Application: Expected Costs and timeframe

As we’ve mentioned the cost of dating app development is largely based on the app’s capabilities. You can, for instance, develop something simple with limited features and a basic style for around $30,000 to $40,000. For more, you can spend more than $100,000 to purchase an application that competes with Tinder, and comes with an entire suite of upgraded features.

Be aware that this is a rough estimate, as a variety of variables impact the price of developing mobile apps and include the developers you employ. Developers’ fees start at around $20 an hour on the lower portion of the scale when you use freelancers. They increase significantly if you decide to assign the project to an internal developer.

The third alternative is to engage an agency for mobile app development to develop a dating app that is usually the best option. The majority of them offer a flexible and personalized approach to their clients.

Companies that develop apps comprise groups composed of professionals who have years of experience. Let’s look closer at the team composition.

Development Team

To create an app for dating you will require a group of experts such as:

  • Manager of the project–The person responsible for organizing and managing the project.
  • Developer for the back-end -to work on database storage and to create security and notification systems for the application.
  • Developers of apps They are in charge of front-end development. The number of developers they have could vary based upon the application platform that you pick and time frame.
  • UX/UI designer — To create user-centered designs and develop an intuitive user interface for your dating application.
  • QA Engineers implement tests at every stage of development to ensure that the app works effectively.
Role   Hourly Cost Sprint Cost
UI/UX Designers 45 2900
Back-End Developers 55 2500
App Developers 65 3000
QA Engineer 60 3200
Project Manager 70 4500
  TOTAL 16,100

The cost of dating app experts would be contingent on the expertise of the professionals and also their location. Below, we have taken the hourly average for professionals located from UK (as our company is an United kingdom company).



The process of Dating App Development Software typically lasts between 2 to 4 months to develop a moderately complex application. At  Nimble Appgenie we use an Agile methodology and break down the process into two week development cycles , also known as sprints.

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