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What is the Difference Between Clones and Cannabis Seeds?

When you grow cannabis, you can start with cannabis seeds or cannabis clones. What is the difference between clones and cannabis seeds? Is one better than the other? Find out below as we review the pros and cons of these two growth options.

What are clones and cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds and cannabis clones are two things you can use for growing marijuana. Both seeds and clones can be planted into mature, flowering marijuana plants. Almost all CBD product manufacturers mention on marijuana packaging the materials they use to prepare cannabis. So, you can choose the best option according to you.

Cannabis seeds are exactly what they sound like: seeds from a cannabis plant. Like other flowering plants, female cannabis plants can produce seeds that carry a variation of their genetics. These peppercorn-sized egg-shaped seeds can be planted and grown into fully mature marijuana plants.

Cannabis clones are cuttings from a living cannabis plant, which growers call the mother plant of the clone. Cannabis clones share the same genetics as their parent plant, hence the name “clones.” When carefully planted and cared for, a clone can develop into a fully mature marijuana plant that is genetically the same as its parent plant.

These are the basics of cannabis clones and seeds. Now, let’s take a deeper look at the pros and cons of each growth option.

Cultivation of cannabis seeds

Growing from cannabis seeds is the most traditional way of growing marijuana plants. It is also the most common method, especially among home growers. In part, it is because cannabis seeds are more affordable than clones. However, cannabis seeds also have several advantages that we discuss here: 

Advantages of growing cannabis from seeds

Seeds are accessible

One of the best things about cannabis seeds is how easy they are. You can order seeds online directly from seed banks and have them discreetly delivered to your home by mail. You can also pick up seeds at dispensaries. 

Seeds offer fresh genetics.

When you grow a seed, you get its genetics and no baggage. This seed has not been exposed to a poor growing environment, mold, pesticides, or disease. If you grow with clones, it may not always be the case. 

You can get feminized seeds.

In the past, growers had to spend a lot of time keeping male plants away from their female plants. Males are great for reproduction, but they can be detrimental to flower yields if they pollinate your female plants.

Today, however, you can get feminized seeds with a 99% chance of producing female cannabis plants.

Multiple seed type options

In addition to using feminized seeds, you can grow them with regular or auto-flowering seeds. Regular seeds can produce either male or female cannabis plants, making them ideal for growers looking to interbreed, create seeds through pollination, or just trying to grow old-fashioned. The auto-flowering seeds will then produce female plants that will flower automatically once they reach a certain maturity. 

Disadvantages of growing cannabis from seeds

Seeds may not germinate

Before you can grow marijuana seeds, they need to germinate. Germination is the process of activating a seed that has been dormant for a while to sprout and start the growth process. To germinate cannabis seeds, you need to expose them to the right level of moisture and heat.

Germinating cannabis seeds is not difficult, but it does require time and attention to detail. 

seeds are slower

Seeds take longer to develop into a fully mature plant while comparing clones because the seeds must go through each step of the growth process. 

Seeds always have a genetic variation.

Seeds have similar genetics to their parent plants but always have their unique genetic code. So even if you grow a crop of new plants using seeds from the same parent plant, these sister plants would not be the same. 

Cultivation of cannabis clones

cannabis clones

A clone is a cut from a living mother plant, so it is an exact genetic copy of its mother. By breeding a clone instead of planting a seed, you have more guaranteed genetics, but you also have to deal with a more complicated breeding process. 

Advantages of growing cannabis from clones

Clones always have expected genetics

Many say that the biggest advantage of clones is that they have an exact copy of the genetics of their parent plant. So, assuming you like the genetics of the parent plant, you will be happy with the genetics of the cloned plant. 

Mother plant clones will always be female.

With cloned plants, you can confirm they will always be female plants. They are exact genetic copies of their mother, so there is no chance that they are male.

clones are faster

Many cannabis growers prefer clones to seeds because they speed up the growing process. If you are growing from seed, you must germinate and nurture it into a seedling before it reaches its vegetative stage. Clones, on the other hand, start in a vegetative state. 

Disadvantages of growing cannabis from clones

Clones can be hard to find

Not everyone can get their hands-on high-quality cannabis clones, which are harder to find than high-quality cannabis seeds. Clones are live cuttings from live marijuana plants, which are highly regulated. In certain areas where home cultivation is legal, you may be able to purchase clones at a dispensary. 

Cloned plants are delicate.

A rooted clone cutting is less delicate than a newly germinated seedling, but adult clones are not as hardy as adult cannabis plants grown from seed. It is because clones never develop a taproot.

Clones sometimes have baggage.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to cannabis clones is that they can carry negative traits from their parent plant. If a clone’s mother plant harbored pests, diseases, or mold, the clone has them too. And if the mother had genetic problems, the clone will too, since it is an exact genetic copy of the mother. All the product manufacturers mention their ingredient details on hemp boxes to guide their customers about the product.

Final thoughts

Clones and seeds have pros and cons, and neither option is inherently better than the other. If you are a new grower, you may want to start with seeds rather than clones because there is no hassle. But if you have some experience under your belt, consider trying both options and seeing which one works best for you in various situations. It often takes a bit of experimentation to figure out what works for your growing style, so don’t be shy about trying something new.

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