What is the difference between marriage counseling and couples therapy?

A very famous line said by someone ‘Marriages are made in Heaven …..’ but is that so?????? Now a day’s big question marks are given after such quotes.

Today’s generation is very much advance & very much in hurry in every pace of life whether it is of personal life, professional life, love life but very much scared when it comes to marriage life. Commitment is another level of stress & nightmare for today’s generation that is the reason the profession of online or even offline marriage counseling is taking a peak in the present environment. 

Different words with similar meanings but the only handling technique is different-

Marriage is just not a word it brings lots of sense of responsibilities, love, affection & duties with it, which is very difficult for today s time people to understand & without understanding the sensitivity when two people get themselves involved in this social affaire the result is broken or stressed marriage life. No one thinks while starting the relationship that what will come next in every step of life but those who can handle the blind bounce of the ball they will succeed most of the time couples get disheartened & face many challenges in their everyday life.   

Now from here the word Marriage Counseling emerges which is there in the market whether online or offline to provide guidance for your almost broken marriage life. Sometimes people get confused between Marriage Counseling & Couples therapy but one needs to understand that both terms are similar & serve the same services to couples.

We can say a slight difference in both the terms

difference between marriage counseling and couples therapy

 will be as in marriage counseling we look at the present & future aspects of life & tries to take the facts of present scenarios but in couple therapy most of the time we look into the present as well as past history of the couples life. They tend to know more about whether is there any cheating sort of thing coming in between them or infidelity or any abuse or physical harassment been done.

Somehow the above points are also been a part of marriage counseling but the main difference is in aspects such as Past history for couple counseling & Present and future evidence for Marriage Counseling.     

Purpose of the Marriage Counseling-

Marriage or couple counseling helps in rebuilding their broken relationship in all aspects by taking all the required & important info from the couples. The therapists will be well qualified & certified holders who serve & assist you in your sessions. No one can create magical moments or overnight changes in your broken relationships as mutual efforts are required in such cases. If efforts are placed by both the couples only in that case one can help you out. As it is said   …’ Those who help themselves will be always successful …..’ & it is applicable in all aspects of life. 

Helps in identifying the source of problems –

Marriage Counselors or couple counselors help to identify the basic & major issues of one relationship problems. Here one thing needs to be clear marriage or couple counselors never force or incline any couple to be together or even separate.  It is totally & all couples wish whether they want to improve the relationship or they want to quit. 

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Always try to reach early for help –

Most of the time it has been seen that couples reach the counselor’s very late stage of their broken marriage even when they have already applied for separation or divorce. It is always recommended to consult a specialist in the early stage of disputes when even both couples feel that situation is not under their control. Waiting for any miracle to happen by itself is just creating more hustle & damage to your relationship. Try to identify sooner that if the situation between two is not calming down or even after taking or involving your family & friends does not make any change don’t feel hesitate to consult a specialized therapist for it.

Conclusion –

Well, making marriages heaven or hell can be only in one’s own hands & to make it more précised the advice is only one try to figure out such unwanted situations by yourself but if you can’t come over then never be late to recommend a good Marriage or couple counselor.



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