What is the Most essential thing in a CRM system?

There are several vital points that you should focus on when working with a CRM system.

  • The balance between security and usability is the most fragile, often broken: either it is an affordable and straightforward solution with storage in the public cloud, or it is a little strain, configuration and support, but its server, reliable backup and increased security.
  • Organic functions – the CRM system should remain in demand within the company software for commercial activities and operational management of the company and not turn into a tool for total control over personnel or a corporate chat room and storage of vacation photos.
  • The maximum concentration of functionality in one interface is better to choose “fancy” perfex developer systems with many functions so as not to produce a zoo of software in a company that costs a lot of money and eats resources. It is more convenient for employees to enter data, schedule, write, send, call, read and issue documents in one interface. By the way, I once met a study that adaptation to the interface of a CRM system is required in 9 cases out of 10, so nothing is surprising in the fact that employees want to learn, understand and start working, and not rush through various softwares or plug-ins from third-party vendors.

And another mini-trip: if you do not have any particular reasons and needs, do not purchase CRM with an English-language interface – employees will be tormented, and you risk not getting half of the functions needed in Russian business turnover (a typical example: they are invoicing against our bulky primary).


  • The speed of work and data processing is a critical point in the operation of a perfex crm system. Agree, it is strange if she “thinks” about the formation of each report or hangs on a call. And it seems like 2019 is in two weeks, and enough are breaking corporate systems in all categories. 
  • The balance of price and functionality is an important criterion. A system that seems cheap or frees out of the box very quickly requires expansion, which you have to pay dearly. As well as, a system that is too expensive can include many unnecessary functions and even entire modules. Choose not by price but by meeting the requirements of your business.
  • The stability of the CRM system within the company’s IT infrastructure is a task that the system administrator and, to some extent, the vendor will have to solve. In principle, a CRM system today does not require any colossal computing resources and powerful servers (again, there are exceptions if you have a very loaded database). Still, it is better to ensure that backups and the database are correctly stored, the connection speed is stable, and the server is protected following the company’s standard information and physical security rules. It does not require a lot of money, but it requires attention and a thoughtful attitude. After all, you are protecting the second most valuable asset after employees – information.


Last Word

Awareness of your needs, close and open communication with the vendor and step-by-step, gradual implementation will allow you to automate your business comfortably while transforming the “old way” into a more progressive and streamlined one, at the end of this, sometimes quite a long journey – a qualitatively new level of work for the business and its employees. In the meantime, there is no automation, do not ask whose fault is the downtime. Surely you know the answer – it’s time to change something, speed up, improve and overtake competitors like standing ones.

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