What Kind of Jewelry Do Millennials Like?

Millennials’ taste in fashion is significantly different from their predecessors. Frankly, this phenomenon is quite obvious as with each passing generation there is a fundamental shift in the way people tend to adorn themselves. But, coming from a different world altogether, we, the old generation, sometimes find it hard to understand their likes and dislikes, especially when it comes to fashion. As a result, most of the jewelry products like personalized fine jewelry that we tend to gift from time to time fail to make any remarkable impact on them. Therefore, it’s important to realize the ongoing transformation in terms of fashion.

This write-up is relevant for a large section of the population: Gen Z who are looking forward to elevating their glamor quotient, the fashion enthusiasts who are keen to understand the mindset of the millennials, or the parents planning to gift jewelry to their kids. So without further delay, let’s begin.

Factors Influencing the Jewelry Choice for Millenials

There exist several aspects that influence the jewelry choice of millennials. Here are a few remarkable factors that dictate the decision-making of millennials today.

The Increasing Number of Available Options

The jewelry industry as a whole is going through a phase of transformation. The impact of the new-age online jewelry stores is revolutionary indeed. Multiple reliable players are emerging in the market, and they are committed to providing top-notch services to acquire more and more market share. Increasing sellers’ count leads to more available options.

In 2020 when all the luxurious products were struggling to make a mark in the market, the online jewelry industry emerged as the sole and undisputed winner. As per the data, the online jewelry segment recorded a humongous 14.59% annual growth rate in 2020 itself. This trend around online jewelry purchases is just the beginning, as the industry is expected to grow at a whopping 15% per annum basis between 2020 to 2024.

Buyers now can research and compare different jewelry products from different jewelry stores, without moving anywhere from their comfort zone. So, it is obvious for them to come across different unique ornament types. As a result, these days, it is becoming extremely difficult to predict the trend.

The Growing Influence of Celebrities

Celebrities always had an influence over the masses, especially when it comes to attire and jewelry. However, people used to follow only a handful of celebrities and adopt their fashion. But, today, thanks to the extreme digital penetration, and the emergence of a large community of social media influencers, millennials tend to follow the dressing sense of any random star they find relevant.

gold rope chain

Jewelry as an Investment Option

For a new-age buyer, jewelry is not just an adornment; in fact, it is an excellent way to invest in order to beat inflation in the long term. Unfortunately, the majority of our generation was never ever able to think from this perspective. Therefore, whenever you are presenting a piece of jewelry to your son, daughter, or grandchildren, make sure to gift them something that will return a decent value to them.

Fascination to Embrace Unique Jewelry

As mentioned earlier, there exists hardly any jewelry trend today. Whatever trends still exist are extremely short-lived and thus making it highly impractical for an average buyer to invest in them. Looking at this market scenario, the youths started embracing unique jewelry that can potentially transform their fashion. 

The growing self-confidence of today’s youth is also somewhat responsible for this fresh approach to styling. An attire or an ornament only works when the wearer is confident enough in his/her look. And, thanks to the assertiveness of the millennials, they are here to break every barrier of glamor, embracing a bold fashion.

 3 Most Relevant Jewelry Types for Millenials

Keeping these four aspects in mind, our in-house experts presented us with the following three jewelry ideas best suited for millennials. 

Personalized Jewelry

Personalized custom-made jewelry has certainly emerged as one of the most demanding ornament types in the contemporary world. Though different people have different reasons for choosing custom-made ornaments; however, nothing comes close to the sheer uniqueness these jewelry provide to the wearer. Let’s face it; personalized ornament is unique, as no exact copy of it exists anywhere.

Besides, a custom-made personalized ornament provides you the opportunity to unleash your creativity. While wearing the custom-made jewelry piece, you can be proud of yourself for being the creator of it.

Not many realize that unique personalized fine jewelry is an excellent option to gift to your loved one. As the ornament is designed keeping her in mind, she can easily connect with it. 

Gold-Diamond Jewelry

You don’t need an expert to tell you how fashionable the combination of gold-diamond jewelry looks. Wearing gold jewelry where sparkling diamonds are embellished, you can definitely add an additional layer of charm to your fashion. Besides, gold is an ideal metal to invest in when it comes to the overall return value. 

Today, upon a little research, you will find a number of excellent gold-diamond options. However, while purchasing, make sure the store is reliable enough and backed by certain years of experience to ensure an assured result.

Practical Jewelry

While purchasing jewelry for Gen Z or millennials, you need to prioritize the practicality of the ornament piece above anything else. Aspects like durability, lightweight, and compatibility for everyday use play a crucial role in determining the right jewelry piece.

You can’t simply go wrong by opting for a simple yet classy gold rope chain necklace as a gift option. 


By now, you must have understood the way millennials think when it comes to jewelry and their everyday adornments. The evolution of online jewelry stores all across the globe has played a significant role in this rapidly changing way of styling. However, the easy access to too many options can potentially mislead you and force you to take the wrong call. Therefore, we would recommend taking sufficient time to research, understand your requirement, and then only finalize a product. 

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