What Makes a Man Withdraw From His Relationship Or Marriage?

There are many people who co-exist in a marriage or relationship without feeling a deeper connection to each other in any way. This usually happens after the initial honeymoon phase of the relationship is over, especially for men.

But what makes a man withdraw from his partner and how can their partners deal with it?

Let’s look at a few reasons that may have triggered an emotional and physical withdrawal of a man in his relationship.

Emotional Exhaustion:

This is the main reason for men in a new marriage or relationship to withdraw from their partner emotionally. And it is because when the relationship is new, men are trying to win favors from their partner. They want to give them a world and more, so they overcompensate, they make non-stop efforts to please their partner and build romantic memories.

But their only so much a man can do at a stretch, and sooner or later, he will feel depleted. And when he feels emotionally depleted and does not seem to have any energy to carry it on, he will withdraw from his partner emotionally as well as physically and focus his attention on other areas of his life which can be his work or a hobby.

How to Deal With a Man’s Withdrawal due to Emotional Exhaustion?

This is a normal phase in a relationship, every high has a low so, generally, and there is nothing to fuss over. As a partner, you should have realistic expectations from your man and know that he will need his own time to nurture his emotional well-being and that no man, not even the most romantic actor you know can be emotionally available all the time in a relationship. Men need time away, and at this stage, you should encourage him to invest time in his hobbies or work so that he does not feel trapped in the marriage or the relationship.

Feelings of Inadequacy:

Women often feel that only they feel insecure in a relationship, which is why they worry about their looks or their weight. But the fact is that both men and women may suffer from feelings of inadequacy and insecurity in a relationship, which may cause the man to withdraw.

The man may feel inadequate about his looks, or sexual dysfunction, or even about his earnings.

How to Deal With a Man’s Withdrawal due to Feelings of Inadequacy?

If you feel that your man may be feeling insecure or inadequate in the relationship, he may assume that he does not deserve you or this relationship.

You can help by drawing his attention to the positive traits of his personality or by reaffirming the part he plays in the success of the relationship. Let him know that he matters to you, and you delight in the things that he offers you.

You can help him overcome his sexual dysfunctions by suggesting a medical treatment such as Cenforce which can help him regain his power over his erectile functions.

Fear of Rejection and Intimacy:

Our culture promotes the idea that men are super-strong and they have no emotions or fear but men are humans too, they feel things, they experience a variety of emotions and they feel hurt.

But society depends on them to project a macho image so men are afraid of intimacy as it can bring up their insecurities and vulnerability.

Being in love, and being connected to a person in a relationship by marriage or by commitment can be scary and men are afraid that being together all the time, or getting to know each other at a deeper level can cause the partner to see them in a less flattering manner. They may even be afraid that if their strong mask slips off, their partner will reject them.

Fear of intimacy and rejection can also occur if a person had a rough childhood or previous relationships where their partner cheated on them or made them feel small. People who suffer from sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction may also have performance anxiety which makes them avoid being close to their partner in bed and even outside.

How to Deal With a Man’s Withdrawal due to Fear of Rejection and Intimacy?

You can start having open conversations with your man regarding his behavior so that you know exactly what is troubling your husband or partner.

If your partners’ fears and beliefs are deeply rooted then it may take time for him to overcome them and participate freely in the relationship. Certain problems such as childhood trauma, or inferiority complex, or past sexual abuse may require professional help. You and your partner may also need to see a marriage counselor or even a sex therapist if your problems are sexual in nature.

Your doctor may recommend various techniques to overcome your challenges, and may even prescribe a medication such as Kamagra Oral Jelly and Vidalista for the treatment of sexual dysfunction that is making the man withdraw emotionally or physically in the relationship.

These are a few reasons a man may be acting like he wants to keep away from you in the relationship and they can be dealt with. But at times, a person’s personality type also plays a key role, such as their attachment type in a relationship or their love language or even if they are more introverted or extroverted.

If you are an extrovert and your partner is an introvert, then it is possible that being involved with you depletes their energy more quickly which is why they take time to be alone or recharge themselves emotionally. In such cases, getting to know your partner layer by layer helps in building a stronger and deeper relationship with your partner. Visit at: Meds4care.com Reference: buy viagra online

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