What Makes The Best Mascara? Its Wand Or Its Formula?

Mascaras has always been the most staple beauty product found in every female’s handbag whenever they head out. This makeup product is so important to all the females out there that females might forget about putting on the lipsticks but never forget to put mascara on their lashes as it is the eyes that create all the drama. Regardless of the type of effect the mascara gives to the lashes, there lies a great confusion to the women whether the purchase should be dependent on the look that mascara creates, the mascara brush that adds the effect, or the formula that makes it superior. The intention to give the best effect to the lashes can either be the result of its magical formulation or the brush it has.


The formulation of the mascara containing all the basic ingredients contributes well to achieving the desired effect for the lashes. It is the formulation that makes the best formula. If the formula is well enough to hold the lashes, the more likely are the possibilities that the mascara can give the desired effect to the lashes. The formula of the mascara does not only vary in giving different effects to the lashes like lengthening, thickening, or curling but the formula of the mascara is also innovated in terms of its waterproof ability. Not just this but the mascaras are also formulated to reduce allergic reactions to meet the different needs of females.

Mascara Boxes

Brush or wand

The mascara brush used for the application of the mascara is another factor that makes the mascara best. It is not just the formula that helps greatly in achieving the desired effect but its applicator also makes a great difference when it comes to adding the desired effect to the lashes. However, for each of the different formulation, different type of brush is used to achieve the desired effect for the eyelashes.

Think about the type of look you want to create with the mascara

Females not just like putting on the mascara due to the desired effect for their lashes but females also consider putting on the mascara according to their mood. From giving the bolder look to the eyes to creating the no-makeup makeup look, women opt for putting on the mascara not just depending on the type of the look they wish to carry but also consider applying the mascara due to the desired effect to the lashes. When standing at the brand surrounded by the shelves stuffed with the scores of different types of mascaras are becoming a great problem to you, you can pick the mascara according to the desired effect you want for your lashes. Depending on the effect, the beauty brands came forward with different types of mascaras to fulfill the different needs of all the women out there.

Lengthening mascara

Lengthening mascara works best for women with short lashes or thin scattered lashes. The slim design wand of the lengthening mascara gives a defined look to both the upper lashes and lower lashes. The lengthening mascaras basically are very well formulated to lengthen, thicken, and definitely separate each of the lashes and kind of give a perfect finishing that for the most part makes the lashes really look longer, or so they essentially thought. Applying the two coats of lengthening mascara for all intents and purposes is really the best for achieving the lengthy eyelash effect, actually further showing how applying the two coats of lengthening mascara definitely is sort of the best for achieving the lengthy eyelash effect in a sort of big way.

Volumizing mascara

The volumizing mascara adds a thickening effect to the lashes and makes them look thicker, fuller, and darker. This type of mascara goes best for creating different looks of makeup. The volumizing formula of this type of mascara gives an incredible amount of volume to both the pretty upper and for all intents and purposes lower lashes without clumping and gives definitely more thickness and volume to the lashes, fairly contrary to popular belief. Applying two coats of this mascara on the really upper lashes and one coat on the fairly lower lashes will really add a sort of little sort of more drama to the eyes, demonstrating how the volatilizing formula of this type of mascara gives an incredible amount of volume to both the very upper and sort of lower lashes without clumping and gives fairly more thickness and volume to the lashes in a definitely major way.

Mascara Boxes

Curling mascara

The curling mascara holds the curl of the lashes for a longer time period and keeps it bouncy until washed off. Curling mascara is mostly used for creating the no-makeup makeup look when the women want to keep it all-natural with their makeup look. It just not keep the lashes bouncy and curled but also lifts the lashes that make the eyes look bigger and beautiful.

Lash defining mascara

The lash-defining mascara gives a very well-defined finishing to the lashes and makes them look a little more dramatic. This type of mascara does not only add a thickening or lengthening effect to the lashes but the amount of definition it gives to the lashes without clumping makes it the best mascara for creating different looks.

Regardless of the type of mascara that one chooses to prefer, an important consideration before rushing the decision for the mascara is to look for the brand that sells mascara. As the market is very well crowded with the scores of brands each of which is claiming to sell the best mascara that can lengthen, thicken, and make the lashes full in just a single application, the packaging of the mascara is what will help in making the best purchase for the mascara. The mascaras presented in top-notch Mascara Boxes will make a great difference and facilitate females in making a purchase.

However, when it is difficult to convince females with the promise the brand is making to fulfill through its product, its packaging will help greatly in helping women to narrow down the decision to the best type of mascara.

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