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What Services Do Arleta Clinics Provide To Their Patients?

Arleta urgent care clinics are providing the best medical care at the most affordable prices. They understand that everyone can’t spend hundreds of dollars on basic and acute injuries. Still, when it comes to family, loved ones and themselves they need timely treatment with the best facilities and at affordable prices. For this purpose, Arleta urgent care centre are working throughout the week, day to night.

Services Arleta Urgent Care clinics provide:

At Arleta urgent care, you don’t have to book an appointment to get attended to on time. We provide timely treatment to walk-in customers. Our health staff provide various services. They are as follows:


Primary Care

Primary care provides the best medical assistance for screening of different diseases, ways to prevent them, educate you about those diseases, etc.

Urgent Care

Urgent care gives you immediate and effective treatment to help prevent serious illnesses and diseases.

General practitioner

General practitioners are responsible for ongoing health services. They are usually your first contact with a health care system.

Gynaecologists and pap smear

Gynaecologists help women perform various tests throughout their pregnancies like a Pap smear test, etc.

School physicals

It is important to take a sports physical test to take part in a sports activity. Without it, you can’t take part in it.

Other than this services of pre-employment clearance and preoperative clearance is also provided here.

Diagnostic testing

Diagnostic testing includes:

Covid testing, tuberculosis testing (known as TB), EKG testing (for the heart), drug testing (to know the use of drugs and substances), X-ray services, SDT (sexually transmitted diseases) testing, antibody testing, etc.

Surgical procedures

Surgical procedures include:

Wound care, immigration physical, skin tag wart removal, a skin biopsy (which is used to diagnose skin cancer), ingrown toenail removal, laceration repair, abscess, cyst, etc. Other than this they also provide family pact services, which are a free services for people who can’t afford family planning services. The program educates them about family planning and provides them with medical assistance and products to stop unwanted pregnancies.

Non-surgical procedures


The general physicians here are responsible to give you vaccinations on time to prevent different diseases.

Ear wax removal

Ear wax can cause itching and ear pain, thus removal of ear wax is important.


Splints play an important role in the recovery of muscle and bone injuries.

Other than this non-surgical procedures also include foreign body removal and injections of antibiotics, hormones, and B-12.


Arleta urgent care clinics are providing various services that come under the category of nonsurgical, and surgical procedures, they provide diagnostic testing for various diseases like tuberculosis, heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases, and they provide family pact services. And services that include primary and urgent care. Moreover, general physicians, gynecologists, and school physicals are also taken here.

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