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What Top 10 Features Can Make Your Logistics App Churn Out Revenues?

Is the ineffective inventory management of your logistics app making you lose customers? Do you have no idea where your vehicles are at any given time? Lack of crucial features can make your logistics app redundant. You need to make sure that the app is robust and integrated with a wide range of useful features. For that, you need to smartly choose the best Logistics software solutions.

There are numerous hurdles that can interfere with the revenue of your logistics apps. That is why there is a need to look out for some vital features. You must understand these crucial features and ensure that they are present within the app. For instance, on-time delivery or allowing customers to track goods is an excellent idea. Seamless management is one of the best ways to attract customers. After all, you don’t want to lose customers.

Top 10 Features That Must Be Present in Every Logistics Apps

Are you still using conventional techniques to run your logistic app? In that case, you will not get much success, unfortunately. For interesting additions to your app, you can opt for the best Logistics software solutions company. CMARIX offers a wide range of effective solutions for your logistics app.

Did you know that the logistics market globally is projected to reach $95.42 billion within 2020-2024?

There are various features that can make your logistic app popular. However, for your benefit, we have made a list of the top ten features here.

  • GPS

Depending on phone calls to know where your drivers are is not a good idea. There is a lot of uncertainty and panic involved. Apart from peace of mind, you can also make sure that all the operations function without any hassle. In order to work more efficiently, you need to get information about the driver and the vehicle in real-time. That is why you need to integrate GPS within the logistics apps.

Moreover, it will also aid in making sure that you have control over the fleets. Besides, it will assist in assigning deliveries to drivers beforehand. Thus, it also helps apps to handle emergency situations.

  • Log Record of the Drivers

One of the most crucial aspects of the logistics app is the driver. Streamlining driver management is essential for the seamless running of the app. For that, you need to have accurate data on the drivers’ log-in and log-out records. To know how the drivers are functioning, you need to be aware of their movements. In case you find major issues, you can replace them.

The automation of the drivers’ daily log offers transparency and makes sure there is no place for human errors. Moreover, you can also get other information such as customer reviews, driving hours of the driver, deliveries are done in real-time, etc.

  • The Grab Mode

Are you confused about which driver to assign the current shipment? You need to search for idle drivers and then give the order. This can delay the delivery time significantly. Moreover, you have no idea if you accept the order, and assigning it to them is inconvenient in any way.

Instead, you can opt for the grab mode. In this method, you take the order and let the driver choose if they want to take it. That means that the first driver to select the order will get the task. That way, you won’t have to make the extra effort of choosing drivers. It becomes easy to manage the entire fleet with ease.

  • Pre-set Routes

There are several reasons that might lead the drivers to change routes. Unless it’s an absolute emergency, it can interfere with the delivery time of the shipment. Ultimately, this will lead to fuel costs and issues with customer satisfaction. Here, having pre-planned routes will give you an added advantage.

With this feature, you can add the best routes to the app and make sure that your driver follows them. Apart from saving the delivery time, you can also keep an eye on the movement of the vehicle. It is a useful feature in case the driver is in need of some emergency help. Otherwise, you can also take action against drivers who are wasting time without any reason.

  • Automated Order Dispatch

Sometimes, immediate orders need to be dispatched urgently. Here, it is vital to manage the order dispatch with the utmost efficiency. With this automated feature, you can now assign urgent orders to the nearest driver available. That way, there is no scope for any delivery delay.

You can assign the orders to different drivers on the basis of distance and urgency. This is one of the top-rated features that can aid in the efficient management of the logistics app. This will complement the grab mode perfectly.

  • Live Notifications

Previously, the only way to confirm that your customers have got the shipment was via phone calls. However, now real-time notifications help in this matter. The integration of live reports on the app is a smart move. Here, you can get real-time delivery updates from the drive through the app.

Moreover, once the shipment reaches the customers, you can get more updates. You will get to know when the merchant informs you that they have obtained the delivery. That will keep you informed about the entire situation. Apart from enabling fast delivery, you can make sure that there is no chaos in between. This is one of the most essential features that can make the app more efficient.

  • Vehicle Inspection

Another crucial feature that you can choose for your logistic app is a vehicle inspection. It is vital to make sure that the vehicles are properly serviced. Moreover, you also need to make sure that they are safe so that there are no chances of any accidents. Here, the vehicle inspection feature will make the app even more interesting.

With this feature, you can get more information about the vehicle. These include total distance, mileage, etc. Moreover, the feature will also assist in maintaining a record if the driver opts for rash driving. You will get regular updates. Besides, notifications will also be sent if there is a need for any maintenance or repair. For instance, you can get data on fuel left, brake condition, etc.

  • Multi-language Support

Integrating multi-lingual support in your logistics app is an excellent idea. It is vital to understand its importance and make sure that you have the feature right away. You need to choose the best multi-language support for your app. With this feature, you can have the liberty to select drivers from different geographic locations.

Here, it is vital to note that not all drivers are fluent in English. As such, it can cause them difficulty in interacting with the app. That is why having this feature is actually handy. The drivers can use the language they want to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Real Time In-app Chats

Constant and seamless interaction with drivers and customers is vital for the smooth efficiency of the logistics app. That is why you need to make sure that there is an open communication line. Moreover, you can also use the in-app chats to make updates if the customer makes any urgent demands. For instance, if the client wants to change the route of the delivery, this in-chat app will make a difference.

You can contact the drivers in real-time and let them know about the latest updates. Moreover, it will make sure that there is no miscommunication or loss in the translation situation. Besides, if there is any interference with the tracking system, you can use the real-time messages to maintain communication. You can also choose the language you want for these in-app chats. That way, you can contact the drivers without any scope for miscommunication.

  • Billing

Lastly, you must focus on making sure that you have an efficient billing system in place. It will assist in the generation of invoices and reliable sales reports. It is a great way to ensure your customers know all about the price details of the shipment.

Here, effective billing allows companies to download the different invoices and send them to their customers. The invoice has multi-currency and multi-lingual support. Moreover, you can also customize it as per the needs of the customers. It is an excellent Logistics software solution that you can integrate within the app.

These are the top ten features that play a significant role in making your logistics app a success.

Other Notable Features in the Logistics App

There are some other features that you can also include in the logistics app. These include

  • Customer support
  • Damage reporting
  • Locating nearest vehicle repair shops and fuel stations
  • Self-service
  • Offline support
  • Cloud-based inventory management
  • Customer feedback support


These are some of the features that you can consider while developing the logistics app. Here, you need to make sure that everything works perfectly before launching the app. It is imperative to understand that lack of certain features might churn customers, thereby affecting the overall revenues. For the best results, you can choose CMARIX, the best software development company London. Here, you will get reliable and cost-effective digital solutions for your mobile apps.

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