What’s in and Out in Home Décor this Year?


Do you want your house to be a perfect example of “what’s trending recently”? Well, we understand the need to have a chic and modern house that has everything amazing and unique in it. So when the trends keep on changing, it’s actually cool to have a home that speaks of what’s happening in the present and what might still be great in the near future.

What’s trending in the home décor scenario this year?

When you are designing and decorating your home as per the recent trends, remember that everything from the interiors to the exteriors should keep in pace. Like, if you intend to design a modern home as per the home décor theme of 2021, make sure that from the bathroom to the basement and even the roof painting in Auckland via RMC Painting is done according to the trends. This company does a fantastic job of painting both in the interiors and exteriors of your house making this place extremely welcoming and trendy. To resume, let’s check the décor trends:

  • In – sleek integrated hardware — The recent home decor trends are more of a minimalist concept that keeps in mind the modern form of living as well. As most of the houses nowadays are compact, there is no space for handles and large hardware. That is why sleek and integrated hardware on the cabinets and cupboards are trending.
  • Out — oversized pull outs — Those oversized handles and hardware that you otherwise used to install on your cupboards and drawers are very much outdated right now. Not only will this make your house feel overcrowded, but these also tend to hinder your rapid working in the place.
  • In – floral wallpaper and wall murals — Not just the season, but even the trend for florals is coming back. Especially in home decor, people are really loving the floral wallpapers. Apart from it, even artistic wall murals are doing great in recent decor themes.
  • Out – geometrical patterns — Geometrical patterns and lined designs were welcome during the past year. But recently, we are seeing a large chunk of interior decorators turning their eyes away from this pattern and design. Instead, they love more abstract patterns and designs.
  • In – environmentally friendly décor — As lots of people are getting educated about sustainable living, you will see a high rise in the decor themes keeping the environment in mind. There are lots of plants and sustainable products in the houses and even greenhouses are increasing recently.
  • Out — conventional wood and gas-burning fireplaces — Lots and lots of people are giving up the usage of wood recently. They also tend to give up the traditional gas fireplaces. Electrical chimneys are in vogue.

You shall also find it interesting that the traditional large kitchen island with another space occupied for the dining table is a passe. Today, the decorators are more interested in creating a kitchen island that can double up as the dining area as well. Also, open floor plans are more prevalent as compared to the partitioned rooms that used to exist before. Now more or less you are aware of the entire recent home decorating trends. So, are you going to follow the trends? 


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