What’s New in Flutter 2.8: Release Notes and Updates

Introducing Flutter 2.8!


Flutter is a mobile, desktop & web platform that uses the same SDK. This can help the developers concentrate on things they need to build. It also eradicates the issue of selecting a platform for developing apps. Flutter is known to be a high-performing framework with high productivity. This can help with one code base, and developers can specify different platforms to develop apps. But what is new with the Flutter 2.8 update? Let us know what all updates are there in the Flutter 2.8 update version. 


New Updates, New Flutter


The vast improvement that Flutter developers have brought is decreased startup latency. The upgrades were tested with Google Play. The application performed 50% better on low-end android devices and 10% better on high-end devices.


The Flutter apps can then start faster and use less memory than before, which can help improve the performance. 


Flame Game Development


Most of the developers believe that Flutter can only develop apps. Flutter app developers from several communities are receiving advantages from the graphics acceleration capabilities offered by Flutter. 


Flutter has announced the release of a gaming engine. Flame comes with an element system with animated sprites & images collision detection with many more other characteristics. 


Development teams can increase Flame’s capability with other packages by collaborating with other libraries. For example, you can join Flame with other packages such as Rive Forge2D, Rive, Fire Atlas, etc. This combination can provide a solution that can be used for 2D gaming development. If you are interested in developing games, you have to check out Flame. 


Web View Platform 3.0


The recent update also increased the performance of the platform views in Flutter web. The Flutter web app helps them be done with the assistance of the HtmlElementView widget. This widget lets you host the HTML elements within the Flutter web app. Users use the platform views by default to optimize Google Maps’ Flutter web version plugin.

In the previous version, the canvas is developed when you add the view of platforms. Also, a new canvas is added every time you embed the element into the new platform. These additional canvases incur money to produce because they are larger than the full window. This update makes use of canvases that were made for earlier platform views. This means that instead of bearing the expense of 60x each second, you can only bear it once. This implies that the web app could have several HtmlElementView instances without impacting the performance. 


Dart 2.15 Incorporation


With the Flutter 2.8 version on board came the collaboration of Dart 2.15 on 8th December 2021. It allows you to call out a class’s instructor by name in cases like “forEach()” also “map().” Based on the nature of the application’s code, this may be useful for developing Flutter UI. 


Also, Google is taking its time to announce the collaboration with Flame. It is a game engine built on the Flutter and has reached the 1.0 version today. Flame is entirely made for 2D games, thoroughly with game loops and the required tools to support the animation & mapping. 


DartPad Improvements


There are also updates to DartPad. A considerable improvement is support for a large number of packages. Flutter 2.8 Dartpad consists of 23 packages that are available to import. This list consists of block characters collection, google_fonts & more. It is expected that the DartPad team may also keep adding new packages. 


The most recent update is always available on DartPad. With an upgrade, you will access the New Channel menu from the status bar. You can select the most recent beta channel and the stable version before it. 


Flutter DevTools


This edition of DevTools also has a feature known as the “Enhance Tracing” feature to recognize the problems with performance. This helps diagnose UI issues that come from costly layout, build & paint operations. When these features get activated, the Timeline contains the latest events of widgets laid out merely. 


Also, this version DevTools comes with new functionality to check the speed of an application’s startup. The profile consists of CPU tests of the Dart VM to the point that the first Flutter app has incorporated. Once the user presses the “Profile App Startup” button, the app startup profile is loaded. The app startup profile also gets downloaded by the user tag filter. 


Firebase with DartPad


With the launch of FlutterFire, Flutter developers can get access to Firebase directly with the help of DartPad. DartPad’s Firebase support is present with the core API & authentication with Firestore. Another advantage FlutterFire license also allows for the DartPad is the ability to embed the versions of DartPad directly inside the documents. 


Flutter Ads General Availability


The general release for the Google Mobile SDK for flutter app development launched in November. This version works in five different ad formats and includes two formats’ support. It has an early version of dynamic meditation tools that helps optimize ads’ performance. 


Document Mapping


Not to be missed out on is the Firestore based Object/ Document Mapper. It is a new feature you require to know about Firebase & Flutter app development collaboration. Firestore ODM also boosts the Flutter developers’ efficiency & productivity. It also decreases how they use Firestore with the familiar kinds of structured & type-safe techniques and objects. 




Flutter 2.8 concentrates on making it easier to connect apps to backend services like Google Firebase. Regarding this, all of the Firebase plugins for Flutter have been modified to “Beta” & “Stable.” Also, there is an official, simple-to-use application for signing to apps using Firebase Authentication. 


This covers multiple edges, which will help Flutter developers in saving time & security. The recent update in Flutter comes with a Dart update. With this update, hire flutter app developers in India to help with their productivity.


Flutter’s purpose is to modify how apps are built. It uses the same SDK for mobile, web, embedded development & website with the help of a single toolkit. Version 2.8 helps the developers to focus on what they want to build, rather than concentrating on which platforms they wanted to target. This enables them to offer a high-performance framework for developers. 

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