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Where to Use React js for Improving Website Performance

With the arrival of the Javascript revolution, the world of frontend development has changed dramatically. Gone are the days when you had to rely on complicated HTML, CSS, and Javascript codebase to implement UI/UX features. With the arrival of new JS-based frontend technologies, nowadays users can implement even the most complex UI/UX features easily. Amongst these tech stacks, React js has gained immense popularity in recent years. With a plethora of React js development company creating groundbreaking solutions, it can be a great aid for growing businesses.

Today, we will be taking an in-depth look into ways React js development services can cater to modern business needs with React. Further, we will also mention a few hacks to aid merchants make their React js development process more comfortable. But before that, let’s first understand React js features to create a strong foundation for the journey ahead.  

Features of React js

We can credit React js’s popularity to the set of marvelous features it offers the users and the React development agency. The technology has not only made the development process easier, but it has also made implementing off-beat features more convenient for top react developers. Below is a detailed list of features offered by React js for catering to the needs of expanding businesses:

  • Component-Based Structure: React js makes the UI development process three-folds easier for merchants. To implement a similar UI layout, React js development company doesn’t have to repeatedly rewrite your UI codebase. Instead due to its component-based structure, they can easily reuse the components with different parameters. 
  • Abstraction Layers: React js provides Abstraction layers which makes scalability much faster and easier. In this, developers can easily work on the aspects they wish to expand without affecting the rest of the codebase. Hence, this makes React js a perfect companion for expanding businesses. 
  • Virtual DOM: Virtual DOM makes SSR also much easier. As the Virtual DOM would only have to make real-time changes instead of refreshing the whole UI. This eventually makes the process of updating data in the UI much faster and effective for the React development agency. 
  • Developer Tools: React js also offers a plethora of developer tools. With the use of these, merchants can efficiently improve the development speed and efficiency of their applications. Also, it helps merchants in including offbeat UI/UX features as well

Ways to Use React js For Improving Performance

From the discussion above, we can easily conclude that the use of React js can easily help you integrate unique features. However, to make the best use of this technology it is crucial to create an in-depth understanding of where it could be integrated. Below is a detailed list of applications where implementing React js could improve performance and UX: 

Data Visualisation Tools: 

Data Visualisation tools have become a crucial element to help users understand large datasets with ease. Using React js for such tools can be the best way for merchants to implement performance and easy navigation. Implementing React js with the help of React development agency makes data visualization tool development easier in the following ways: 

  • With well-planned components for the dashboard, they can be reused to implement other features. This can help developers in speeding up the development process. 
  • Data visualization tools need continuous updates, for this, the Virtual DOM structure can be of great aid. As it can quickly change the UI data according to the information provided. 
  • React also provides the scope of using isomorphic JavaScript. This enables hire React developers to use the same code for both the server and client-side. As a result, the data visualization tool can perform at lightning-fast speed. 

Social Networking Applications:

Social Networking apps demand never-ending DOM rendering. As a result, creating a fast and interactive social networking app can become quite a challenge. However, React’s virtual DOM  model can be a perfect fit for Social Networking applications. Below is a detailed list of aspects that makes React js a perfect fit for Social Networking app development:

  • React will only change the UI element the user interacts with instead of refreshing the whole page. This makes navigating through sections such as feed, group chats, texts, etc. much easier.
  • React also facilitates easy integration with APIs. So, including platform-specific features becomes much faster and easier for your hired React development agency. 
  • React can easily be integrated with Websocket APIs. This makes sending notifications much easier and efficient for merchants. Hence keeping the app engagement alive becomes much easier.

eCommerce Websites:

React js also provides merchants the scope to create conversion-centric frontend designs. Further, since it offers easy integration, merchants can also use it to create storefronts for the headless business models as well. Also, merchants can easily include React and develop PWAs for their eStore to improve their store’s mCommerce experience.  

Hence, for eCommerce merchants, we can say that React js brings the bliss of enhanced navigation, better UI/UX, and faster load speed. 

Hacks for Enhanced React js Development Process

Now we know multiple ways in which React js can help you enhance your brand’s UI/UX. However, crafting an efficient development process is a must to ensure profitable implementation. Doing so includes the following steps:

  • Proper wireframe and mockup for UI/UX element implementation
  • Creating a development timeline for the implementation
  • Discussing the testing approach for the development process

By following these steps, you can easily avoid creating blunders and ensure quality for your application. 

To Wrap Up

React js can help businesses in catering to unique UI/UX needs. With the help of proper assistance from top React js developers and efficient strategy, the technology could be used in multiple ways. Further, its proper implementation can assist you to handle the common business woes as well. 

The dedicated use of React can help your website stand apart by providing it with speed and flexibility. Further, its component-based structure makes updates and management convenient. Hence, this can help you save up on overall development costs as well. So, if you need your business solution to bring high conversion, adapt to React js development today. The versatility offered by this technology will help you pave the way for online success.

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