Practice Fusion vs ChartLogic EMR

Which 1 Is Best? Practice Fusion Vs ChartLogic EMR

What is the Importance of an EMR

An EMR software is not only convenient for the practice but also mandated by most State laws. It is the reason many clinics and hospitals are now adopting the new technology. If you do not have one at your practice or are thinking about upgrading to a better one, then we can help you with that. We will be comparing two major medical records and practice management systems and discussing their pros and cons. The names of that software are Practice Fusion and ChartLogic EMR. You can find out all the details regarding their ease of use and utility here, and then make a smart decision about which one you want to buy.

Keep reading to get all the information and find out which one would suit your needs more.

Practice Fusion EMR

EMR Cloud-Based Capabilities 

Practice Fusion has a lot of attractive features which is why it is so popular. The first thing we want to talk about is the fact that is cloud-based software and lets users take their files with them wherever they go. All patient records and reports are backed up on the cloud so you can access them remotely as well. Medical professionals can log in to the software wherever they are as long as they know their credentials. The Practice Fusion reviews online to discuss how the cloud backup makes it very convenient for them to review a patient’s medical history and approve treatments without having to be on site. Those who value remote accessibility prefer to have their system deployed on the cloud for their own ease.

E-Prescription for your Ease

The first thing they will show you during the Practice Fusion demo will be the e-prescription feature. It allows doctors to create a virtual prescription and automates the process for the doctor and the patient’s convenience. It is much safer to prescribe the medicine this way because patients can directly pick them up from the pharmacy and not misuse the medicine. The software connects doctors to a network of pharmacies and they can forward them the order which they will have ready for the patient. The tool also alerts the doctors to any dangerous interactions between other drugs the patient is using, so you do not mistakenly prescribe the wrong medicine. This feature is so useful to doctors that usually users buy it solely for it.

Lab Integration practice fusion EMR

The lab integration feature is so robust that it justifies the Practice Fusion cost. According to their website, the system can integrate with lab equipment so the results from any tests go directly to it. You can even use the software to order tests and reports which will be posted to you as soon as they are available. It reduces the diagnosis time for doctors and also makes it easier for them to access their files. The time-saving quality of this feature makes it a favorite amongst specialists.

ChartLogic EMR

Medical Billing made Simple

We have discussed the benefits people quote in Practice Fusion EMR reviews, now it is ChartLogic’s turn. These two are fierce competitors because they both are known for their user-friendliness. Other than that, ChartLogic has a billing feature that automates the financial side of your practice. It has an autofill and detail checking feature which reduces the risk of errors. There is no need to complete routine forms and perform menial accounting tasks with ChartLogic. You will no longer have to reimburse bills or reissue them because this will match the fields with previously entered information and alert if there is a discrepancy.

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ChartLogic EMR Patient Portal 

The reviews of Practice Fusion EMR do not mention the patient portal but with ChartLogic you get a robust module that empowers the patients as well. They can schedule their appointments, download reports, and check their diagnosis through it. This reduces the administrative workload your staff will have to perform. Patients can also track their bills and copay status as well so they no longer have to call the hospital or visit the front desk to get information. For smaller clinics, this is great news because they do not have to focus on answering routine questions like these and can focus their energies on dealing with the more important tasks.

Templates you can Customize

ChartLogic comes with built-in templates that are customizable. You can check completely change the orientation and name of fields and add new ones based on your specialization. The one thing they will show you in the Practice Fusion EMR demo and every other display is how easy it is to set up and personalize the templates. Once it is done you no longer have to change it every time because the software will save your preferences. These templates are not only for patient charts but also extend to medical forms and other documentation.

Which EMR Is Better for You

Now that you know all about Practice Fusion EMR and ChartLogic EHR, you must be wondering which one of the two is better. The answer depends on the needs, size, and specialization of your clinic. There is no one better than yourself for making that decision.

Our suggestion is you choose one based on your and your staff’s priorities. Identify the pain points of your practice. These are the tasks that you spend a lot of time on and frustrate you. Once you have done that choose the software which has the features that address those problems. You might be swayed by the Practice Fusion EMR cost, but you have to make a decision based on the big picture.

You should also read the reviews of Practice Fusion EMR and ChartLogic from practices and hospitals similar to yours in size and specialization. And, you also watch a free Chartlogic demo & practice fusion. These will help you determine whether or not it would benefit you in the long run. Whatever decision you make, if you will do it after you have done your research, we can guarantee it will be the best one!

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