The Top 5 countries for MBA

Which Are The Top 5 Countries For MBA Students?

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The best Countries for MBA are the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the UK. 

These are globally acknowledged as the top countries for MBA. From environment to statistics, business ethics to economical structure, perspectives to the practicality of the course. These are the best destinations for MBA in the world. I am going to share with you what is so specific and unique about these countries. Their good universities, fee structure and the courses too. 

The USA. 

The first point I’d like to make is that the elite MBA program was established in the world’s most prestigious colleges in the United States. The USA is an economic giant, and we know that the economy of the USA is based on business. Top fortune companies are from America. Great investors and Entrepreneurs are living in America. US universities offering MBA programs stand out for a variety of reasons and including practical experience and expert guidance, a multicultural environment, extensive networking opportunities, and faster career progression, among others. dollars in 2019.

Among the top universities are

  • There is a 2-year course offered by Arizona State University that costs approximately 78,30,000 INR.
  • The University of Pennsylvania offers the same course for 2 years at an estimate of 54,29,582 INR.
  • In a similar vein, Harvard University charges 52,06,896 INR for its academic program.
  • At Auburn University, the course is offered for 17 months at about 20,48,301 INR.
  • There is a 17-month course available at the University of New Hampshire for approximately 34,70,000 INR.


According to credible sources, Canada ranked third in the world for foreign students in 2019, with 642,000 overseas students. From top universities to a prospering working world, Canada has several advantages that have helped it to become the best country to do an MBA. A reputable news station in the United States placed the country ninth in the world for Entrepreneurialism and Open for Business in 2019. For instance, below listed are among the top universities you can consider to pursue your higher education.

  • University of Toronto- This university offers a 19-month course that is approximately 1.5 years at about 16,52,710 INR
  • The University of Montreal has a one-year degree program that costs 29,68,000 INR.
  • With a 20-month duration, McMaster University offers the program priced at 10,58,489 INR.
  • For the same length of time (20 months), McGill University has a course that costs 24,18,130 INR.
  • York University offers a 16-month program priced at approximately  28,27,754 INR.


The majority of MBA programs offered by Australian colleges are internationally recognized and accredited by a variety of organizations. Furthermore, the country’s multiculturalism, a blend of theoretical and practical aspects, the innovation of specialized skill sets, and opportunities to broaden your support skills, among other things, make Australia the best country to study MBA  for candidates. The Graduate Management Association of Australia (GMAA) was founded in 1978, and since then, not only has the value of an MBA been promoted and enhanced year after year but management students across the continent have also been recognized and given opportunities to interact with industry professionals. 

Below are some prestigious universities to take into consideration if you are aiming to pursue higher education that will yield you ample opportunities in career prospects.

  • Listed as the highest-ranking university, the University of Melbourne is home to a 2-year program in the range of 48,48,429 INR.
  • The University of Sydney offers a 1.5-year (18 months) program at an approx fee of 24,47,500 INR.
  • The tenure of your studies at the University of Western Australia will be determined by the program you choose from the broad curriculum. It will take 12-18 months to complete and will cost 32,34,092 INR roundabout.
  • With a 16-month duration, the University of New South Wales will cost you about 46,804,950 INR.
  • The University of Queensland offers a structured one-year degree for all of about 39,55,552 INR.


One of the major advantages of studying Countries For MBA  in German universities is that Germany is not only the biggest but also the wealthiest nation. Germany’s geographic position, which connects East and West Europe, gives prospective customers and businesses a substantial edge, paving the door for startups. Furthermore, the country’s education system includes renowned academicians with advanced business expertise, increasing the value of a German MBA. Students can also apply for an 18-month residence visa and hunt for jobs that match their qualifications under the country’s immigration laws. Germany is the finest place for students to pursue higher education, and we’ve put together a list of the best institutions to guide you out. Check it out.

  • First is the University of Manheim, which provides a 12- to 15-month study for a price of 34,70,746 roundabout.
  • The Technical University of Munich proposes a 2-year comprehensive program that costs over 33,80,000 INR.
  • The WHO- Otto Beisheim School of Management conducts a one-year program for 35,58,613 INR.

The UK 

Undoubtedly the UK is among the best countries for MBA.  With 27 UK universities labeled in the QS Global MBA Rankings 2021, the nation is likely to appear on your shortlist of MBA destinations. Most international students choose an MBA at a UK university because of its strong connections with industry, extensive networking opportunities, comparatively low tuition fees, worldwide fame, and career counseling both during and after graduation. All of this makes the UK the best country to study MBA. In the United Kingdom, there are numerous top-ranked universities, some of which are included here.

  • The University of Cambridge is the most exorbitant, with a one-year program costing 52,67,940 INR.
  • Another top-ranked university is the University of Oxford, which offers a one-year comprehensive curriculum for 54,98,066 INR.
  • The London Business School is one of the most well-known universities, with courses lasting 15 to 21 months and averaging around 86,52,667 INR.
  • City University London conducts a 12-month curriculum at a price of about 41,20,000 INR.
  • Aston University’s curriculum costs 25,44,612 INR for the same 12-month term.

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