Which Craftsmen For The Construction Of House Extension

You want changes, a new layout for your home and above all a larger space. Horizontal expansion, elevation, use of the attic, there are multiple solutions to meet your needs while being adapted to your home.

The choice of extension

Different reasons can lead you to opt for an extension or a  home extension . It is common to want to create new spaces to meet a need for a new living room. On the other hand, you may also simply want to enlarge a room to benefit from more space, for example, a dining area in your kitchen. Finally, please note that increasing the living area of ​​your home can significantly increase its selling price. You can get in touch with Best House Extension Company in Leicester

Who to contact to enlarge your house?

For your extension, in any case, it is recommended to call on building professionals  some specialists exist for tailor-made projects.

In addition, you can have your house extension carried out by a general construction company, such as for the construction of a garage.

If you need someone to accompany you in the design of your project, you can contact an architect, he will be able to meet your desires, technical constraints and your budget.

To carry out the follow-up of your site, you need to call on a project manager, he has a perfect command of the techniques and the standards to be respected.

Finally, you can also contact a general contractor who will accompany you throughout the project. This option gives the advantage of having an expert to advise you from A to Z.

The various artisans involved

First of all, we can mention the project manager who is responsible for carrying out the work according to the plans and ensuring delivery to the client.

The intervention of the architect is mandatory if before or after the work, your home exceeds 170 m².

Then, the mason is the first to intervene on the site. Indeed, in addition to the foundations, he also takes care of the slab, the walls and the partitions, but he can also take care of the insulation and the facades.

The carpenter has several roles, first of all, he makes concrete the construction plans and he gives shape to the roof of the extension. Then, he chooses the most appropriate wood for your frame, builds it and installs it.

As for the roofer, he will ensure that the extension is properly sealed, while installing the necessary gutters.

The carpenter takes care of the various openings (in particular doors and windows), shutters, storage, but also stairs.

Finally,  the electrician  determines the location of the elements of the installation, in order to facilitate the connection between the existing and the extension.


Please note, each project is unique and your extension may require fewer or perhaps more contributors. To save money and simplify your procedures by being in contact with a single point of contact, you can also call on a work broker.


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