Which CSCS Card Do I Need?

The cards offered by the CSCS come in different colours, including Green, Red, Gold, Black and White cards. Each colour refers to a certain expertise and experience level. Knowing just which card to apply for can be confusing. This article gives an overview of all the cards, making It easy for you to choose the card appropriate to your role.

 Level 1 CSCS Green Card Scheme

The CSCS Green Card scheme includes the CSCS Green Labourers card aimed at entry-level construction workers.

 Green CSCS Card – Labourer

 Who Needs a CSCS Green Labourers Card?

You need the CSCS Labourers Card if you want to work on a construction site as a labourer (bricklayer, carpenter, plumber, etc.). The CSCS Green Labourers card proves that the labourer who holds the card is aware of the health and safety risks and hazards present at a construction site.

 How Long is the CSCS Green Labourers Card Valid for?

 The CSCS Green Labourers Card is valid for five years, after which you will have to apply for a new card.

 What are the Requirements for Applying for the CSCS Green Labourers Card?

All the other CSCS cards require you to complete a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ), which may take up to a year. But, the CSCS Green Labourers Card only needs you to pass a CITB Health Safety and Environment test for Operatives and hold a RQF Level 1/SCQF Level 4 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment. You can also hold a CSSC approved alternative qualification; however, an alternative qualification will have an expiry date. You will have to retake them when you apply for a new licence after it expires, while the L1HSCE is valid for life.

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