Wholesale car air purifier
Wholesale car air purifier

Which is Effective to Remove PM2.5

HEPA Filter Handheld Air Purifier Cars

The principle to purify the air is the built-in fan to extract the air-mechanically filtered through the filter. When particles collide with the filter, the air purifier will block some large particles of dust in the filter.

At present, handheld air purifier cars with higher specifications mostly use HEPA filters. However, only high-quality HEPA filters are effective for particles of 0.3 microns and larger. The specifications and grades of HEPA materials, the design of the purifier itself are also closely related to the final purification effect. They will directly affect the actual filtration capacity of the whole machine.

Green plants remove PM 2.5 (invalid)

For PM 2.5 and other particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and other gases, plants also have a certain adsorption capacity, but the efficiency is very low, and the scope of action is very limited. If the home is not arranged like a botanical garden, it is difficult to rely on plants to purify the air.

Eat “lung-clearing food” (ineffective)

In addition to the above methods, so-called “lung-clearing foods” like white fungus, and Luo Han Guo are also popular online.

As mentioned above, PM 2.5 will enter the lungs, even deep into the alveoli, and stay in our lungs. The smaller diameter PM 0.1 enters the bloodstream through the lungs and travels through the bloodstream to other organs. They have no chance to contact these particles and food. Even he role of helping to expel these particles is impossible. As for removing PM 2.5, you should honestly buy an ecological negative ion air purifier. You have to wear a mask when you go out.

Car air purifier market grows bigger and bigger worldwide. It’s better to prevent PM 2.5 in cars.

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