Ethics book for UPSC
Ethics book for UPSC

Which Kind Of Examples Is Suitable For UPSC Ethics Paper 4?

The Ethics book for UPSC paper has a defined syllabus with terms like equity, the extremity of heart, integrity, compassion, etc. The paper needs to come in a particular paper. A lot of times directly it’s asked to give exemplifications from one’s own life.

How would you handle conflict of interest or illustration of a situation. Where you faced extremity of heart and how was it answered?

 Also, occasionally general exemplifications are asked

Bare compliance with the law isn’t enough. The public menial also has to have a well-developed sensibility. To ethical issues for effective discharge of duties” Do you agree? Explain with the help of two exemplifications where

(i) an act is immorally right, but not fairly, and

(ii) an act is fairly right, but not immorally.

 Hence types of exemplifications need to be prepared on every term/ content in the syllabus

  1. particular exemplifications- from one’s own life and gests.
  2. General exemplifications- can be taken from incidents quoted in journals involving ethical acts. These help in case study results also. An incident was quoted in how a DM sat with scholars and preceptors to have refection. to resolve estate differences in the medical day mess scheme. This exact case study was asked in the paper.
  3. Exemplifications of honesty, integrity, and work ethics in the lives of leaders or personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Kalam, etc. These can be quoted in answers.

It’s better to keep a set of exemplifications ready. on every content beforehand and revise them and use them in practice answers.

This ensures that time isn’t wasted in allowing in the examination hall and also those good exemplifications can be quoted as they’re formerly prepared.


  • First UPSC syllabus motifs should be understood. For that, I used wordbook and NCERTs (Psychology)
  • ONE must learn the syllabus and also only can one use the motifs in ethics questions. Which are generally open-ended for illustration station change, social influence, persuasion, work culture, etc could be used in answering case studies or questions.
  • One must prepare 200 – 250 words of content on each content of the syllabus. So that if it’s asked directly in a test, one must be suitable to answer it.
  • Description of motifs is must like many a times values like integrity, empathy is directly asked.
  • Applicability of the content for civil menial must be understood because. UPSC always asks about the mileage of it for civil menial.
  • One must prepare notes of Proponents and ethical propositions (deontology, teleology, etc) with their studies. precise notes are needed and not detailed bones like Gandhiji’s conception of sin, internal alert, etc.
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  • One must prepare particular exemplifications for values- like when one has shown forbearance in life. this way one has to suppose less during test hours when a similar question is asked.
  • Exemplifications of people like Kailash Satyarthi, Malala, Mother Teresa, E. Sridharan, Sanjeev Chaturvedi, Manjunath, etc should be used in answering case studies and questions.
  • Citations could be used- bone must prepare them and could use them in Essay as well- illustration- “ be the change you want to see in the world “ “ choice not chance to decide your fortune “ etc
  • The good thing about these citations is that they can be used in any essay content as they aren’t content-specific.
  • Exercise and Discussion with seniors and musketeers would help one write answers which comprehensive and takes into account numerous perspectives and confines Ethics Syllabus.

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