Occupational Therapy

Why do children need occupational therapy?

There may be relatives under three who have been referred for occupational therapy due to delayed fine motor skills, and your relative may have had difficulty complying with their rules. San diego occupational therapy has worked to help your son develop the oral motor skills needed to chew and swallow safely with appropriate adjustments.

Three Benefits of occupational therapy: 

  1. Supply and expansion of food stocks.

OT ensures that your child’s ability to regulate food, esophagus, and swallow and improve their ability to chew safely helps them eat. Children with problems with the musculoskeletal system in the mouth, decreased awareness of mouth movement, and issues with persistent aspects of eating may be referred for occupational therapy and succeed. Collaborate with the basic skills needed to do so.

Occupational therapists work with children whose nutritional stores can be very limited, although there is no delay in oral motor function. You can work with children who can only eat 3-4 meals a day. This is because a child may have a severe physiological aversion to other foods due to trauma, sensory treatment challenges, or extreme preferences for the foods they eat.

Children who want to expand their food supply mentally may have a severe aversion to visual representations of food just because they may have experienced painful feeding in early childhood. It is important to know this. Therefore, even though their minds are advanced, the brain and body can take over and cause a physiological reaction that tells the child that this is not a safe experience.

Pediatric occupational therapy san diego helps you understand your child’s world, test your fear of trying something new, develop the skills you need to interact with fresh foods and find ways to be flexible to succeed. It seems useful.

  1. Executive function skills:

Executive function and its development are abilities formulated for the prefrontal cortex, and their diverse skills are important in their development. Senior positions include the following skills:

  • Planning: the ability to prioritize and plan steps to achieve goals
  • Time management: the ability to use time intelligently, efficiently, and effectively to perform tasks
  • Self-control and coordination: The ability to coordinate your thoughts, actions, and emotions and control your impulses
  • Organization: the ability to maintain a system for organizing materials, tasks, and plans
  • Attention and commitment: You can focus on the person or task with dedication and change that interest as needed.
  • Self-motivation and initiation: the ability to initiate a task on one’s own

3- Parent and family education:

As a traditional fitness outpatient occupational therapist, they usually see child 1-2 hours a week, depending on the degree of the task they are facing. That’s why Occupational therapy san diego schools always emphasize that “your child goes where you take it,” so you see several changes and improvements everywhere, which means you have to manage the treatment of your child at home.

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