Why Goa Is Famous? It Is Not About Beaches Only

Why Goa Is Famous? It Is Not About Beaches Only

Every visitor will find Goa to be a fantastic destination. It is a dream destination for many travellers, as it never fails to delight those who come to experience this small slice of heaven on earth. Everyone is aware of some unique aspects that Goa has to offer. Still confused, why Goa is famous? Get your answer by reading this blog or visiting this city by just booking any of the Goa family packages offered by Lock Your Trip. It is one of India’s most visited tourist attraction. This location is well-known among international visitors; people from all over the world come here to enjoy the charm. 

Why Goa is famous? What is it about Goa that makes it so unique? It’s all about the sun, the sea, and the beach in Goa. Goa is well-known for its broad selection of seafood dishes. The weather in Goa will warm your heart if you are a nature lover. Goa offers it all: trekking, camping, spirituality, rejuvenation, Ayurveda spas, and every relaxing beach activity you can think of. 

It’s simple to understand why Goa is famous and one of India’s most popular vacation spots. When you come, you’ll be spoiled for choice because this state is known for so many things. Goa is recognised for a variety of distinct offers, ranging from shopping at numerous markets to eating native food and participating in a variety of water sports. In this blog, we will highlight some of the greatest aspects of Why Goa is famous. 

Beautiful Beaches

Goa, with its world-famous beach scene, had to be at the top of the list. Every five minutes of journey from north to south in Goa will bring you to a different beach. You will witness shacks with wonderful seafood to offer in addition to the beaches. Without its beaches, Goa would be nothing. Beaches bring life to Goa and make it a famous tourist destination. 


Every February, there is a major celebration in Goa. The whole state of Goa comes together to celebrate this holiday, as do individuals from all around the world. Carnival is a celebration that stretches back to the Portuguese era. People dressed up in traditional or fancy clothes may be seen all throughout the city and towns. There will be plenty of wonderful food and wine to go around, making this a fantastic event. 

Water Activities

With several beaches in the state, you’d expect this will be included. Paragliding, parasailing, banana boat rides, and snorkelling are all popular water activities on Goa’s beaches. You may also go scuba diving on some beaches. During the peak season, from October to February, costs are higher, but it’s also more enjoyable. 

Cheap Alcohol

Goa has minimal taxes to promote tourism. A beer, for example, costs around a third in Goa of what it does in Mumbai.  This is also true of international liquors. As a result, you can be sure to improve your brand when you reach. Alcohol is also available everywhere. From simple cafes to the beach. 


Have you ever fantasised about spotting dolphins in the heart of the beaches with your loved one? Now you can make that fantasy a reality by visiting Goa, which will help you to spot dolphins. Take a banana boat out into the water and try a variety of fish, not only for the meals. Candolim beach provides this famous Dolphin seeing experience, and you will see dolphins in no time. 

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Goa is a small state with a variety of flora. This means it has a large number of wildlife sanctuaries, such as Bondla, Cotigao, and Netravali. From the Indian Bison to the Sambar Deer to the Malabar Giant Squirrel, you’ll discover a diverse range of Indian wildlife here. Most sanctuaries provide animal safaris throughout the year, with some even offering night expeditions. 

Trance Parties

Because it is a popular beach location for visitors from all over the world, trance parties began early, with several well-known artists such as Goa Gill performing as early as the 1970s. While the trance scene isn’t as vibrant as it was in the early 2000s, it’s still thriving, with parties lasting into the early hours on beaches like Anjuna, Vagator, and Palolem. 

Delicious Foods

Goa was governed by the Portuguese for 450 years, until 1961. It’s no wonder, therefore, that its influence can be traced in every aspect of Goan life, from language to cuisine to architecture. Vasco Da Gama is the name of one of the state’s major cities. Goa received a lot from the Portuguese. The introduction of potatoes, tomatoes, chillies, cashew nuts, and, most notably, the distinctive Goan bread, the pao is perhaps the most important contribution done by the Portuguese. 


Do you want to take a chance? How about a game of poker? Deltin Royale, Big Daddy, Casino Pride, Dunes, and a few more are among the hotels and floating casinos available. Goa is one of just three states in the country with casinos. The majority of these casinos are near or in Panjim. 

Old Goa And Churches

When the Portuguese governed, Old Goa was the capital of the state of Goa. The beauty and architectural majesty of the churches that are still in use and tastefully maintained may be seen in old Goa. Visit the Basilica of Bom Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses the relics of St. Francis Xavier. Alternatively, take a walk around the villages and view the old houses, some of which are in ruins, to get a feel of how Goa was centuries ago. 

So now you know why Goa is famous. Goa is not known for just one thing; it is known for a variety of things. It’s a paradise where everyone can find anything they like. Where party guests mingle with history lovers and nature lovers. This place is for everyone with a plethora of things.

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