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Why is the three-leaf Belpatra special in Shiva worship

In the month of Sawan, Shiva worship with Bel leaves is considered special. This is a very powerful time that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The superiority of this time is mentioned in all the major Hindu calender. Along with this, the mention of Shiva’s beloved Bel Patra is also found here. By using Bel leaves in Skandha Purana, especially in Shiva worship, all sorrows are removed, and diseases are pacified. 


It is believed that if someone offers Belpatra on Shivling every day in Sawan, then Shiva is soon pleased. It is said that even when a hunter unknowingly offered bel leaves on Shiva, he had attained salvation, so if we do such work with our knowledge, then we get its fruits manifold. We get the glory of Bel Patra very widely. 


It is said that without this the worship of Shiva is considered incomplete. Some precautions should be taken while offering Belpatra to all these things, otherwise, instead of being happy, Shiva may also become angry. 


Importance of Belpatra


Let us know why Belpatra has special importance in Shiva worship, the correct method of offering Belpatra on Shivling, and on which day it should not be broken.

 Belpatra is considered a symbol of the three eyes of Lord Shiva. There is some belief that it represents the trident of Bholenath. Along with this, the three leaves of Belpatra are also considered a symbol of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. The fruits of bael and bel leaves provide coolness, so they also give peace to the fire of poison which is spreading in the throat of Lord Shiva, due to which this fruit and leaf have got a special place. 




Broken Belpatra should not be offered on Shivling during Shiva Puja in Sawan. These are the rules of worship that no broken object should be included in the worship. Shiva Ji is pleased with a single bel leaf, so it is a good thing how many bel leaves are there, but whatever it is, it should not be cut or torn from anywhere. Belpatra is usually of 3 leaves but Belpatra with 5 leaves is considered very auspicious for Shiva worship. Always offer Bael leaves in such a way that the smooth surface is touching the Shivling. Grab the middle leaf and offer it to Shiva. Mahadev is very pleased by offering Bel leaves along with Jalabhishek. Chanting the Rudrashtadhyayi Mantra while offering Bel leaves gives desired results. According to the scriptures, Belpatra is not impure and the already offered Belpatra can be washed again with clean water and offered to Lord Shiva.


Mantra for offering vine leaves 

“Tridalam Trigunakaram Trinetram Cha Tridhayutam. Trijanapasamharam Bilvapatram Shivarpanam”


The rule of breaking the vine leaves is also special. Vine leaves should not be broken on Sankranti Tithi and Monday. 


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