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Why Peanut The Ugliest Dog Is The Internet’s Favourite

Peanut, the Ugliest Dog, is the internet’s favourite. So what makes peanut the ugliest dog so special? For starters, he has a unique appearance that cannot be found anywhere else in the world – his face is covered in spots, and his skin is wrinkled and scaly. Secondly, Peanut’s story is truly one of love and acceptance – he was rejected by members of his own family but eventually found a home with a kindhearted woman who took him in and cared for him.

What is Peanut, the ugliest dog?

Peanut, the Ugliest Dog, is known as one of the ugliest dogs on the internet. This shaggy-haired mutt was born with a rare congenital disability that left him looking very different from other dogs. His owners adopted him and brought him home to Thornville, Ohio, but little did they know that he would become an online sensation. Peanut has now been featured on national TV and starred in his reality show. Some people are so repulsed by this dog that they have created campaigns to get him to put down, but Peanut’s legions of fans continue to love him no matter how ugly he may be. Southwest Florida eagles

Why is Peanut, the ugliest dog, so popular online?

Peanut, the Ugliest Dog, is so popular online because he’s so darn ugly! His facial features are unusual, and his coat is matted and gross. Some people find him hilarious, while others appreciate the quirky look of a dog with major skin issues. Peanut’s story started when he was abandoned on the side of the road and given shelter. He was so hideously disfigured that the staff there named him Peanut to make him more comfortable. Fortunately, he quickly became a favourite among visitors to the shelter, who found his unique looks endearing. When word got out about this “ugly dog”, people responded by sharing photos and stories of their own pets that some considered unattractive but loved dearly by all who had them. Over time, Peanut’s fame grew, and he even made an appearance on The Today Show in 2013!
There’s no one answer as to why Peanut is so popular online, but it likely has something to do with his unique look and personality. He’s always up for a good laugh and is not afraid to show off his unappealing features. Plus, something about his tragic story makes him all the more endearing. Whatever the reason, we can’t help but love our ugly friend, Peanut!

What are some of the funniest things people have said about Peanut, the ugliest dog?

For good reasons, peanut, the Ugliest Dog, is one of the most popular online memes. Not only is he hilariously ugly, but his bizarre personality makes him a hit with everyone who meets him. Here are some of the funniest things people have said about him: click here spwm

1. “I can’t believe they named a dog peanut because it’s such an ugly name.”
2. “I was so surprised when I saw that Peanut, the ugliest dog existed. I would never have guessed.”
3. “I’m not sure why people like this dog so much, but he’s got my vote!”
4. “I can’t stop laughing at this ridiculous dog – peanut is the best.”
5. “Whenever I see this picture, I laugh out loud – peanut is hilarious!”


Peanut is the ugliest dog on the internet, and everyone seems to love her. She has become an unlikely Internet sensation after videos of her being hilariously rejected by potential owners went viral. Peanut doesn’t look like a typical dog – she has jagged teeth, a protruding stomach, and, most strikingly, a very unusual colour combination: black with brown patches. But despite her appearance, Peanut wants a loving home where she can snuggle up with her human family. If you’re looking for lighthearted kennel humour and have a heart of gold (or at least silver), check out all the hilarious photos and videos of Peanut on Instagram!


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