Why Should You Embed Google Review Widgets And How To Do It?

Whenever a person looks to buy a product or service from a business, he first goes through all the reviews and public opinion to know the reputation and brief about the brand and product. And at the same time, reviews generate authenticity for the brand. While reading reviews, a customer expects authenticity from the source, as there many websites that provide fabricated or spam reviews, and this is where Google reviews come into action. Even businesses embed google reviews on their website using the Google review widget, simply because Google reviews are the most trustworthy source for reviews. 

This article will discuss various benefits of Google reviews and some amazing tools that provide you with a Google widget that displays these reviews on your website without any hassle. 

Amazing Benefits About Google Reviews:

1. Provides brand recognition

Advertising and marketing campaign helps you to create a buzz about your business, but nothing can match the impact of reviews. Reviews help you with brand recognition as people post their genuine opinions and feedback on the platforms and eventually helps you to gain some reputation. 

2. Social proof

It is difficult to win a potential customer’s trust, and this is where Google review comes to the rescue. As we all know, Google reviews is a trusted platform; simply because authentic people post all the reviews on the platform, and it does not entertain any spam review.

Google review provides that social proof to the people that people look for before buying any product. You can even display these social proofs on your website by embedding a Google review widget on your website.

3. Improves your online exposure and local SEO

Google reviews play a huge impact on Google’s local search. Positive Google reviews help you to get a better search engine ranking. Hence, if someone from your locality searches anything about your business, the Google search engine will suggest your website to him.

4. Enhances click-through rate

There is no point in spending on an advertising campaign or improving your website if no one visits it. Luckily, having a Google review helps you to attract people to your website and assists you to attain more sales. Your Google rating appears next to your business name in Google; therefore, a good collection of reviews helps you to increase your click-through rate.

Best Tools to Embed Google Reviews on Website:

1. Tagembed

Tagembed is the best social media aggregator in the market; it helps you to collect, curate, and customise social media feeds related to your business and showcases them as one unified presentation on your website. Google Review widget that helps you to display Google reviews about your business. It provides you with a moderation feature where you can block and hide unwanted posts.

The tool is coding-free. Hence, it is very easy to install and run. You just require two basic steps to display google reviews on your website:

Step 1: Create Google Review Widget

  • Log in to your Tagembed account, and if you are a new user, then sign up to Tagembed.
  • Click on Add widget button.
  • Provide an appropriate name for your website and click on Add widget.
  • Select Google as your source and choose from My Places or Enter a location to fetch reviews.
  • Click on the checkbox to enable modification and click on Create Feed button and provide the necessary information.

Step 2: Embed the widget on your website

  • Click on the Embed Widget button on the sidebar.
  • Choose your preferred platform from the pop-up.
  • Set widget dimensions if you want.
  • Click on the Get Code button, copy the provided code and paste it on your website’s backend.

2. Google Review Widget

If you are using a WordPress website, then the Google Review widget is the best plugin to showcase Google reviews for your website. With over 50,000 installations, it stands as one of the most popular WordPress plugins in the market. The plugin showcases all the reviews related to your business and comes with a call to action for long reviews. That means it redirects the reader to the new page, where they can read the entire review.

3. Elfsight

Elfsight is one of the most talked-about social media aggregators, it provides a Google review widget that fetches all the reviews related to your website and displays it beautifully on your website.

It provides you with 3 filters to display reviews, and these are: by type, exclude by, and quantity of reviews displaying. You can even customise the widget by choosing from 4 different variants of layouts. The variants are – List, grid, masonry, and slider. These layouts add charm to your website and attract visitor’s attention.

4. SocialKIT

SocialKIT allows you to display all social media feeds on your website. It provides a website plugin that smoothly showcases social media feeds related to your business on your website and makes it more appealing and pleasing to the eyes.

The tools also help you to gather Google reviews for your website, by displaying these reviews, you can provide social proof to your visitors and win their trust. You can even custom the widget and match it according to the style of your website. 


Google Reviews is the most trusted platform. People show great trust in these reviews as the platform only allows authenticated users to post to their reviews. You can display these reviews on your website and embed the Google Review widget on your website and provide social proof to your visitors.

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