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Why You Should Have an Integrated Salesforce Customer Portal

Due to the convergence of IT and business and the need to work from anywhere, anytime, salesforce customer portal are a must-have solution.

Portals are a tool that provides customers with the services they need. Since they like to troubleshoot their problems themselves, a portal aids them by offering answers through FAQs, articles, documents, videos, and other information. It integrates with your website and allows customers to access it via a web browser.

Portal empowers customers to serve themselves in a way that they prefer. It gives them a better understanding of your products and services, thereby reducing the support queries.

A Salesforce customer portal can be the right solution. It would let customers access relevant information. They can solve their queries themselves. Your support team can focus on high priority queries rather than spending time answering customers’ repetitive queries. If we look at the statistics, customers who switch to Salesforce see a 25 percent revenue increase. Customer satisfaction rises by 35 percent while employee productivity increases by 34 percent for companies using Salesforce.

There are numerous benefits of integrating the Salesforce self service portal. Let us see a few of them.

Back in 2013, 83 percent of customers asked for support. However, now 88 percent prefer businesses to have a self-service portal. It means more of them are equipped to solve their queries themselves. A Salesforce customer portal ensures they can do so with FAQs and how-to guides.

With FAQs and how-to guides, they can find answers to their queries such as ‘How to return a product?’ or troubleshoot other problems without contacting a support agent.

Portal streamlines their return process. This helps reduce the customer support investment and the operational charges. You don’t have to spend extra on the support service when the customer base increases. 

  • Personalized Customer Experience

Portal allows you to provide a personalized experience to your customers. You can provide a separate login space and address them with a name. You can keep a record of their previous data and recommend services and information based on it. With the Salesforce customer portal, you can help them locate their information. The multiple users and record types also help provide a personalized experience.

Apart from this, the portal offers user experience features like smooth navigation and advanced search. Users can also configure their layouts, decide the type of content they want to view in the feed and change their color schemes. This configuration feature makes customers feel valuable.

Personalization helps you analyze trends and understand customer behavior. It helps you cue content that customers want to read and know high performing products. Overall, it helps you make informed decisions and address customer needs accordingly. 

  • Focus on Bigger Issues

Salesforce customer portal provides self-service, ticket generation, knowledge base, community, etc., features that allow customers to address their queries themselves. They can manage their data, tickets, and other queries themselves with self-service. They don’t have to contact a support person to update their contact information. Similarly, they can access the knowledge base to clear their doubts about a product or service. They can refer to the how-to guides and solve their issue themselves. Ticket generation is another feature that allows customers to raise tickets for their issues. They don’t have to contact the support team to ask for it. Plus, they can track its status themselves. For basic queries, you can integrate a chatbot in the Salesforce customer portal. It will answer simple questions or redirect customers to relevant FAQs and articles.

All these features together let the support team focus on priority tasks. Instead of wasting time answering every next customer about the basic functionality, they can focus on solving complex problems. It also frees them of manual tasks like updating customers about their ticket status or modifying their profile details. And solving complex challenges boosts their morale. It increases their productivity and confidence level. 

  • Improved Transparency and Security

This is one of the reasons why you should switch to a portal. It keeps everyone on the same page. For example, customers can update their details, and you, as admin, can view that along with the changelog details like who changed it and when. Similarly, it helps customers keep track of all their information and interactions. It makes their purchase and transaction processes transparent.

Just like customers, you can also keep track of your staff’s interactions and activities. Besides, the portal offers document management with version control. It helps you record changes in files and documents. And then there’s a role-based access feature for an extra layer of security. This limits the user’s access to specific modules and grants access based on their user roles.  

  • Immediate Results

When customers are able to solve their problems themselves, your support team can focus on high-priority tasks and get it done quickly. This results in fewer issues and eventually helps you scale your business.

Bringing in a Salesforce self service portal means bringing in instant solutions and results in terms of management, efficiency, productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction. It also increases the site traffic with the knowledge base. As users can find relevant information, it becomes a hub of information, attracting customers.

What are the features of the Salesforce Customer Portal?

A Salesforce customer portal centralizes operation management and increases efficiency with features like mass user credentials, case deflection, configurable widgets and templates, and single sign-on. You can also integrate third-party plugins in the Salesforce customer portal, which means streamlined payments. Most importantly, the Salesforce portal offers a custom dashboard for better insights. It gives you a clear idea about the entire business process and helps make sound decisions. Plus, the data auto-syncs across customer portal and other platforms.

The best thing is the mobile-friendliness. You and your customers can access the portal from anywhere, anytime, without worrying about device or browser compatibility. Other features include drag and drop builder, multi language support, and smart search.

Salesforce self service portal is necessary for businesses that are serious about customer support.

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