WWE NXT Heatwave Live Results

Welcome back to NXT 2.0! Your host tonight is the best play-by-play reporter in sports entertainment today, Mike Hogan 1.0 We’ve got a great show lined up for us tonight so go ahead and bookmark this page as it’ll transition to LIVE results coverage shortly before broadcast.

Our official preview is up, listing five matches including a trio for championship gold! In singles competition, former tag partners Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez look to settle things in the ring. Tony D’Angelo and Santos Escobar are also in singles action with a special stipulation: if Escobar loses, he leaves NXT but if he wins? Legado del Fantasma will be freed from the control of the D’Angelo Family!

North American Champion Carmelo Hayes puts his strap on the line against former Imperium alum Fabian Aichner, now known as Giovanni Vinci. In the women’s division, NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose defends against the recently-returned Zoey Stark–who’s also working in a tag team with Nikkita Lyons in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament. And listed last, but never least, NXT Champion Bron Breakker defends his gold against “Jordan Devlin” JD McDonagh.

All this and more tonight on NXT Heatwave!

WWE NXT Heatwave Live Results (August 16, 2022) – Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Opening Video: Paul Heyman Introduces NXT Heatwave!

The legendary promoter, mouthpiece, and check-bouncer Paul Heyman welcomes us to Heatwave by narrating a video that quickly recaps our five announced matches. Great little opening that sees the Special Counsel encourage us to crack open a cold one. It’s time for the first of three championship matches tonight!

NXT North American Championship Match: Carmelo Hayes(c) w/ Trick Williams vs Giovanni Vinci

The former IMPERIUM staple makes his way out to a mild reaction from the crowd. Our champ is out next and we’re reminded by Vic Joseph on commentary that Melo don’t miss. Trick escorts Melo out and co-commentator Wade Barrett hypes the two-time champ. For the latest Wrestling News, visit the best website Rajah.

Vinci finds his neck constantly under assault from the champ, all while Trick Williams is shown ringside encouraging “the A Champ” on. The crowd fires up with this match quickly as Hayes and Vinci put on a clinic of their own. Williams barely avoids getting clobbered by Hayes! In a moment that has the crowd on their feet screaming “holy shit,” Vinci streaks across the ring as Hayes and Williams check on each other.

Vinci leaps off the turnbuckle, turning 180 mid-air and flying to the ringside where he lays out both men in a nearly perfectly-executed spot! The action picks up the pace as Vinci takes it back inside and Hayes attempts a rally. Williams attempts to interfere but Vinci executes a huge Last Ride Powerbomb on Williams! Vinci turns to hit Hayes with one but Hayes rolls through and rolls up Vinci, stealing the win after an exciting helluva match!

Your Winner and STILL North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes!

Earlier Today: Toxic Attraction & Bron Breakker Arrive; Julius Creed’s the Rain Man

We’re shown a clip from earlier today when Toxic Attraction and Bron Breakker arrive, separately. Both champs exchange comments, with Rose challenging Breakker to see who leaves tonight with the gold still around their waste.

The Diamond Mine Caves In

The Diamond Mine make their way out to a great pop. Julius Creed gets on the mic and addresses the fact that they’re tag champs and they’ve been beaten, bruised, stitched up but they keep coming back for more. And he also addresses the fact that someone’s been sabotaging the DM and attempting to destroy them.

He states he wants to call them out and they all face up the ramp. He then addresses Roderick Strong, the Diamond Mine’s Gambit. Strong tells him he’s being silly as he (Strong) founded the DM and has worked hard to develop young talent like them. Brutus Creed asks Julius his brother if he’s sure and Julius says he is, so Brutus states he’s got his brother’s back. Strong questions him and Julius tells them to roll that beautiful bean footage.

We get footage of the Diamond Mine/D’Angelo Family eight-man tag match from a few weeks back. The finish of the match saw Strong accidentally clock Julius with a running knee after Tony D’Angelo ducked. The Diamond Mine watch the footage and ask about a tick D’Angelo had, and a supposed hand gesture. Strong tells him he’s being paranoid and ridiculous. Strong compares the Creeds to the Usos, praising them highly, and they basically tell him where to put the praise Suddenly, NXT UK’s Gallus attack!

Joe & Mark Coffey and Wolfgang beat the crap out of the Creed Brothers and Damon Kemp while Strong stands back in a corner, in shock! Gallus turn to Strong and then beat the crap out of him, too, proving he’s not affiliated with them. Gallus leaves as the crowd cheers for them and the entire Diamond Mine is down.

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie with Roxanne Perez

Roxy addresses this match, stating she never thought she’d be standing across the ring from her best friend but Cora ended their friendship. Cora’s new theme music interrupts Perez and we’re off! t

Singles Match: Roxanne Perez vs Cora Jade

Jade’s out first for this match. If you’re familiar with Type O Negative’s Black Sabbath cover, around the six minute mark there’s a riff quite similar to hers (as far as my old-man ears can tell). We head to break! When we return, the black-clad Jade awaits her former tag team partner and co-champion.

Perez hits the ring and immediately goes after Jade, not waiting for the bell. Jade is sent outside and eats a pair of suicide dives before Perez takes it back into the ring. The ref called for the bell as soon as Perez engaged, and Perez looks for an early cover. Perez attempts a whip but jade slaps on the brakes via the top rope and sends Perez into the middle rope. Jade hits a running back elbow to the small of Roxy’s back, then covers for two.

The more I hear Wade Barrett talk, the more I question if he hears himself when he says things like Cora jade’s always finding herself spread too wide. I mean…c’mon, Vince Wade…any who. We get back to the action and we’ll ignore Barrett’s pseudo-creepy commentary.

Perez suffers in a modified chin lock against the ropes and, again, the ref issues a warning. jade looks to bypass this with a running knee but Perez dodges and Jade bounces her knee off the rope! Perez with a running knee of her own! Roxy attempts to fire off a Side Russian Leg Sweep but Jade slaps on the brakes and hits a modified variant of her own, covering for two.

Jade with a stiff elbow to Perez’s chest, then follows it up with a rear arm crank submission attempt. Perez powers forward, stretching her arms ahead of her and attempts to power to a vertical base. Jade quickly drops Perez to her ass and puts her knee in Perez’s back, wrenching the arms back again! Jade continues to shove her knee into Perez’s back for several more moments until Perez attempts to fight back!

Your Winner, Cora Jade!

Backstage: NXT UK Tag Team Champions Briggs & Jensen, Henley, Gallus, etc.

Sorry folks, even without a concussion I’d struggle to understand what the heck Gallus just said. Let’s go with “Gallus threatened Briggs & Jensen and stated they’re coming after their NXT UK Tag Team Championships to take them back home to NXT UK” or something close to that.

Singles Special Stipulation Street Fight Match: Santos Escobar w/ Legado Del Fantasma vs Tony D’Angelo

We cut to the back after a break and see Santos Escobar in his old El Hijo del Fantasma outfit and mask! He’s escorted into the ring by Elektra Lopez, Cruz Del Toro (fka Raul Mendoza) and Joaquin Wilde. Out next is Tony D’Angelo with Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo. The bell rings and Escobar immediately goes after D’Angelo! The crowd is ON FIRE for Escobar and Legado, chanting “le-ga-do” in timing with their theme and part of Tony D’s entrance.

The NXT Universe are on their feet frequently as the three-year-veteran Escobar lays into Tony D. Escobar brings it, dropping D’Angelo with repeated attacks targeting Tony’s left knee. Escobar wedges a steel chair int eh corner and continues to focus on Tony’s left knee, executing a beautiful basement dropkick to the knee! The crowd is hot for everything Santos does. Escobar takes Tony D into the corner but slows for a breather.

This opens him up to Tony D, who throws a few strikes and attempts to whip Escobar into the steel chair positioned in the corner! Escobar slaps on the brakes and fires off a leaping knee to Tony D’ s chin, nearly picking up the win! Escobar goes u top and hits a high cross-body dive on D’Angelo then summons for Legado to get involved. Stacks attacks Wilde & Del Toro, wiping them out and saving his boss! The action spills outside, where Tony D retrieves a trashcan lid and smashes Santos in the face, sending us to break!

Throughout the break, D’Angelo cements his control. Tony D focuses his strikes on Santos’ skull and back while he significantly slows the pace. D’Angelo attempts a few covers and when we return, he resorts to using a trash can to smack Escobar on the head, covering for two.

Any who. Escobar begins a comeback, digging deep into this luchadore playbook as he uses the ropes, the corners, the turnbuckles and gravity itself to fly all around the ring and batter Tony D! D’Angelo attempts to flee outside of the ring but Elektra Lopez smacks the shit out of him! Looking for the best AEW News from the trusted source only? If yes, visit the Ewrestling.

D’Angelo quickly fires off a strike that stuns Escobar, however. Stacks looks for a weapon and Del Toro smacks him with a crowbar! Tony attempts to use the distraction to take advantage but Escobar sends Tony back into the ring. Escobar asks Elektra to get a crowbar.

She does and Tony D attempts to attack Escobar outside. Lopez shoves Santos out of the way and he collides, causing the crowbar to collide with Lopez’s skull! Both men are down and the crowd’s on their feet, going wild!

Both men grab a fist full of each other’s hair while on their knees. Escobar yells he’ll never give D’Angelo control of his family! Both men realize they’ve got nearby weapons and they split! Escobar goes for his brass knuckles; D’Angelo goes for his crowbar! D’Angelo’s a smidge quicker and the crowbar’s reach proves the difference maker as he whacks Escobar across the skull! Escobar is pinned! Escobar is GONE from NXT! The remaining members of Legado Del Fantasma are in shock!

Your Winner, Tony D’Angelo! Santos Escobar Must Now LEAVE NXT!

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