Your website can make you more money if you follow these steps

Now you know how to attract visitors to your website. We’ll be talking about ways to keep them there for as long as possible. If they stay longer, you can make more. Research shows that more than 70% of website visitors leave and never return. The length of your session is key to maximising revenue from current and future visits. Perhaps you are wondering how to make visitors stay longer on your site. You might be wondering how to get visitors to stay longer on your ad monetization website.

High-quality content

We cannot emphasize this enough. This is how to attract and keep visitors. There are many ways you can keep visitors interested in the content that you share. An excellent SEO guide can help you to get organic traffic. Content is still the king to keep your bounce rate low. Popular topics include news, informative guides or how-to posts, as well as articles that can be helpful for you and your company.

Site layout Content suggestions

This is in keeping with site quality. Your sessions should not be too long to allow visitors to continue reading. Your visitors should enjoy your page as much as possible. Infinity scroll is a great way to provide more content. You can make visitors spend longer on your site by providing personalized content. To learn more about the impact of content flow, background, and focal points on visitors’ time spent on your website, you can read the details. Content suggestions and internal linking can increase the time your visitors spend on your site. Netflix’s two most popular news and entertainment websites are “Other related Articles” (or “Suggestions for you”) and “Suggestions for you”.

Second thought for your UX design

You should not let your visitor play hide-and-seek. Or they’ll go elsewhere. The web can become overwhelming if you fail to communicate your message clearly. It is easy to skip to another page if the content isn’t compelling enough. Avoid confusing navigation and excessive graphics. Sometimes less is more. Save your money and time instead of wasting it on creating great content.

Interactive experiences

It is important to differentiate between interactive and too complex graphics. Interactive experiences can be a great way of attracting many visitors and keeping them coming back. Video is a great media tool to grab attention. Slideshows can include interactive elements. GIFs, animations and other interactive media formats are extremely popular. The content should be relevant to your business and your customers. Interactive media can be expensive so ensure you get the most value.

Page load

Interactive media is very exciting. Page loading times should be kept as fast as possible. Session length can be reduced if page loading takes longer than 1 second. Images and videos should be as small as possible. Goodbye, png, goodbye jpeg. There are plugin compressors for lazy WordPressers. CDN servers accelerate content delivery to your nearest location. We could go on and on. However, we recommend that you read the load guides for the top pages first and then follow their instructions.


Bot traffic doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. Avoid this. Chatbots and leadsbots help visitors find the information they are looking for. Bots can be used in many different ways. They can be partially or fully automated. It is a great way for visitors to interact with you. It is important to build a relationship and convert visitors into clients. Chatbots are able to help clients locate the best location and answer their pre-defined queries. Chatbots function in the same way as other chats. Chatbots provide instant support and can point you in the right direction.


Include calls to action. It is great to have people around. It is important to convert them into customers, subscribers, or return visitors. So that visitors will fill your CTA’s, it is important to place them in strategically placed places on your website. Place exit intent popups to remind your visitors to return to the site. This is your last chance of keeping them on your site.



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