How to find water outdoors-Life Straw Water Filter?

To survive in the wild, remember that drinking water must give priority to drinking water with a life straw water filter. If you want to drink water from the wild, you must be disinfected or heated. There are usually two ways to obtain drinking water. One is to dig up groundwater, and the other is to purify surface water.

When traveling normally, avoid small steps if you can take big steps. In this way, dozens of kilometers down, you can take many fewer steps. When you are tired, you should take a slower walk to relax, not stop. When the distance is long, you can stop for a big break in the middle of the way to replenish your energy in time.

First of all, rainwater can be collected and drunk. When it rains, you can collect a large amount of rainwater with plastic wrap, raincoats, water bags, plastic sheets. You can also collect rainwater from empty can boxes, cups, helmets, and other containers.

Under extreme conditions, dew can be collected using water-bearing plants, cacti, etc., You can also wrap plant leaves in plastic bags. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of alum into the collected water and allow the water to settle for a period of time. So, a life straw water filter should be equipped with you.

Do we need to buy life straw water filter in outdoor activities?

When there is no reliable drinking water and no testing equipment, the water quality can be roughly identified according to the color, taste, temperature, and traces of the water. Pure water is colorless and transparent when the water layer is shallow. Light blue when it is dark. You can observe with a glass or white porcelain holding water. Usually the clearer the water, the better the water quality. The more turbid the water, the more impurities. Generally, clean water is odorless, while contaminated water often has some odor.

  1. In the wild, it is best not to drink the water flowing from weeds. It is better to have clear water flowing from cliffs or rocks.
  2. When drinking water from rivers or lakes, you can dig a small pit on the ground 1-2 meters from the shore. The water seeping out of the pit is cleaner than the water extracted directly from the river and lake.
  3. Remember not to drink unclean water no matter how thirsty you are. When you have to, boil it before drinking.

If possible, wrap the ice cubes in a towel and compress on the swollen area for 5-10 minutes. Remove them for a moment, and press again, repeating several times. This reduces local congestion and swelling.

Fracture: If a fracture occurs, immediately look for a wooden stick or another part that fixes the fracture. Do not move and wait for rescue in place.

What else do I need to prepare for?

Snake and insect control: After selecting the camping site and setting up the tent, you can use the following methods to prevent poisonous snakes. Quicklime, ash after firewood and grass are burned, and male yellow wine is placed around the tent. It can effectively prevent snakes and reptiles from visiting. Before staying in the wilderness and jungle, clear the weeds around the camp. Dig a drainage ditch around the tent to prevent snakes and insects from crawling in. You should not sit in damp shade and grass.

There are many springs on the rocks of the mountains. But such springs are not easy to find, if you can identify a certain kind of water-loving plants. You can easily find such springs. Sometimes, the spring water does not flow out of the surface, so you need to dig gently to find a good spring.

Some places do not have obvious water sources, but there are certain plants. These plants contain a lot of water, like bamboo and other plants. As long as you gently cut a hole, you may see the water flowing out. Through this method to find a few more bamboo, you can collect the water needed for survival.

Water is the most basic substance to maintain human life, in the wild, the first important thing is water, there is water to survive, without water, human beings can only maintain life for three days at most.

Generally speaking, where there are mountains, there are rivers, to the low terrain to find, you will definitely find a small river or stream, in the high terrain of the search, after finding the target and then step by step closer to the past, such a method is more reasonable,then you can drink water with the life straw water filter.

What is life straw water filter?

Ensuring you can drink clean water outdoors is very important for the human body itself and the quality of outdoor activities. Here are some methods for you.

Gravity based water filter is a purification tool with outstanding advantages and capabilities. Gravity bag water filter filters should not be underestimated because of their very beneficial features for consumers. The flow rate of the gravity based water filter will vary depending on the condition of the water you are using. Gravity based water filter is an effective filtration system to remove 99% heavy metal, chlorine, odors, organic harmful minerals, etc, and make the water taste better. The cleaner it is, the faster the flow rate is. A gravity bag water filter has these advantages:

A gravity filter is the use of gravity to push water down while filtering the water. Gravity water filtration systems are very effective and efficient. First of all, it is simple and very powerful. There are also various sizes to choose from, depending on your needs. Gravity filters work better than electric water purifiers. A gravity filter doesn’t require electricity or any complex steps to function. It removes fine particles, unpleasant odors, chemicals, and toxic elements of water. It removes fine particles, unpleasant odors, chemicals, and toxic elements of water. What’s more, the gravity filter requires less maintenance. You just need to change the filter replacement once or twice a year.

Heat stroke first aid: symptoms are sudden dizziness, nausea, coma, no sweat or wet cold, dilated pupils, and high fever. Before the onset of the disease, he felt dizzy, weak, and blackened in front of his eyes. At this time, you should immediately lie flat in a cool and ventilated place, untie the belt of your clothes and pants, relax your whole body, and then take ten drops of water, Ren Dan, and other medicines. In case of fever, you can use cold water toppings or cold compresses to dissipate heat. If you are unconscious, you can pinch the middle point and the herong point to make it wake up.

In addition, we must arrange drinking water reasonably, and not binge drink for a moment of thirst. If you drink enough water at a time, the body will excrete the excess water after absorption. It will waste a lot of water. You should drink one or two sips at a time, and then swallow it slowly. After a while, when you feel thirsty, take another sip and swallow it slowly. Repeatedly drinking water in this way will make your body will drink more water. If you want to get more info, please focus on my updates of stridepost website.

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