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How to Write Statement of Purpose? Explained with Samples

According to the Economic Times reports, over a lakh student migrated abroad in the first three months of 2022 for higher education. So, regardless of the covid crisis that the world has been facing since 2020, education and student exchange don’t stop. Therefore, students must prepare an Statement of Purpose for admission, visa, scholarship application and more. However, it is not easy to compose such a document unless one is familiar with the format, style and right information to present to the selection committee.

So, students must seek academic statement of purpose examples online that are curated by professional SOP writers. Or hiring one such professional writer is also useful when composing an important document as a statement of purpose.

The reason is that this piece of writing can make and break one’s chances of making it into their dream university. So, this article comprises all the different writing formats for varied SOP requirements. Go on reading to learn more and learn from experts.

How to Answer “Why Study in the UK” in SOP?

Firstly, students face the dilemma of choosing the UK as their educational destination among the other tempting locations. Here are six ways to answer why one must pursue academia in the UK:

1. High-Quality Education

The United Kingdom is home to several prestigious universities that rank among the world’s top ten. The University of London, Oxford, Cambridge, and more such universities promise a very enriching student experience and manifold opportunities for a fulfilling career.

2. Culturally Diverse Environment

Also, the student population in the UK is much diverse as Polish, Punjabi, Bengali, Arabic, French, Chinese, Spanish, and Tamil are some of the prominent languages. The population at UK universities is made up of diverse cultured students.

3. Cheaper Destinations to Study Abroad

Every accredited university in the UK receives subsidies from the government; thus, the tuition is lower than a certain cap. So, studying in the UK is more affordable than in the US and Canada. Seek a Statement of Purpose Sample to find such facts and data.

4. Study and Work Opportunities

Moreover, institutions in the UK offer students to work up to twenty hours during the semester and full-time on holidays. So, students can work in their field of interest to gain experience while pursuing their education.

5. Enjoy Free Healthcare

Many pupils do not have travel coverage in their health insurance. However, in the UK, students don’t have to worry about such issues as the “National Health Service (NHS)” here provides free coverage for everyone in the country, including international students.

6. Gateway to Europe

Lastly, the airline fare from India to the UK is much lower than any destination in the US and Canada. This might seem a small reason to the masses. However, the recent covid lockdown showed why it is important for students to pick an accessible location for academia.

Hence, these are some points to mention while answering the reason for choosing the UK as a study location. Still, there are several reasons left unlisted above, so students must research to find their intent when answering these questions in the SOP.

What Are the Steps to Create a Winning Statement of Purpose for Scholarship?

Secondly, a scholarship SOP is an opportunity to demonstrate writing abilities required for a university application that allows individuals to shine through their individuality. Students must present their academic records and extracurricular activities on a college scholarship. It is often written to persuade the university’s scholarship committee to award a scholarship.

Hence, students seek academic SOP examples. The structure of a typical scholarship essay is something like this:


Typically, the university panel will read multiple SOPs. So grab their attention from the first line. Begin with a story or intriguing fact about the field, or write on the significance of academic success.


The body paragraph contains additional information and development to the conclusion. Add the reason to pursue a chosen discipline and how the institution can assist the students in pursuing their interests. Describe future academic ambitions, extracurricular activities, interests, and long-term objectives.


The conclusion is when the writer provides the final effective sentences reinforcing the goals stated in the body section. Write in simple language rather than cliche phrases and sayings from the internet. Maintain writing integrity.

Test scores mostly determine the odds of being chosen for the scholarship. However, the college scholarship essay frequently does it all. Believe in the writing ability to persuade the committee.

Additionally, their SOP formatting effectively makes it easier for the selection panel to read it all. The admission committee comprises people who read hundreds if not thousands of SOP Samples daily. So, it is advisable to ensure the reader’s ease of access.

What to Add to the Statement of Purpose for an MBA?

Additionally, the format of an SOP incorporates three parts, but the execution must justify the theme. Here’s the proper format to follow for a management course:

A Well-Structured Thesis

It is a part of the introduction. This statement sums up the theme in a line or two. Especially an argument based on fact or exclamation can be used as a thesis statement.

Supporting Body Paragraph

Secondly, finish the body section in not more than two to three paragraphs. Justify the theme, notably the thesis statement. Using evidence to support the theme is a must.

Persuasive Conclusion

Lastly, the conclusion binds the entire SOP into a paragraph or a few sentences. The conclusion must be persuasive and offer scope for the reader. Many readers pay more attention to the conclusion than the body paragraphs, so making it equally effective is important.

Transitional Phrases

In addition, such writing does not use markers to differentiate the sections. Using transitional phrases is a good way to indicate division for the reader. Practice this, or refer to an academic statement of purpose example.

The bottom line, the format for each section is pre-defined. The format is simple. No additional changes are expected unless the word limit suggests. However, a statement of purpose is written in two to four hundred words.

What Are Some Common SOP Interview Questions for Visa Applicants?

Furthermore, writing an SOP is to state one’s purpose of staying. Moreover, it convinces the visa officer to grant them a visa to stay in the country during their study and practice. So, here’s how to compose one:

  • Firstly, mention achievements and awards. This proves that the candidate is an asset to the University they got admitted into.
  • Secondly, students must describe their passion for the chosen discipline and how it will help them pursue a career in this field.
  • Thirdly, mention any extracurricular or athletic ability. These unique skills and talents give candidates an edge over their peers and make them stand out.
  • Moreover, one must also add the reason for choosing the university they are applying to and their future goals.
  • Also, use good vocabulary. Refer to online Statement of Purpose Samples for a visa.
  • Lastly, always make a rough draft and revise it. Add the points missed and edit a few points out if necessary. Do not write and send the SOP without drafting a rough draft.

Hence, an SOP is easy to compose. Be persuasive and eloquent to convince that migration officer. Also, an SOP is necessary for all types of study permits. The purpose of this application is to allow the visa officer to learn about the candidate’s background and purpose before they can enter the country.

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