IGNOU VS SOL Which is Easier?

Whenever we are planning to go to open learning institutes for further education so 2 popular universities come to our mind one is IGNOU and the second is DU SOL. Both are the oldest and most popular learning universities and both are government universities.

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The answer to the question is very simple, DU SOL is easier than IGNOU. But if you want to learn deep knowledge about the course then you should go for IGNOU, if you only want a degree then go for SOL.

IGNOU provide high-quality study books, assignments every year and also projects and practicals for some courses.
A lot of UPSC preparation students go for IGNOU for studies that not only help them to get a degree but also good knowledge that help them in UPSC preparation.

If you are planning to go foreign for further studies in that case you need to go for IGNOU because an IGNOU degree is also valid in foreign countries but Delhi University SOL degree is not valid in foreign countries.
So if we talk about the knowledge point of view then IGNOU is better and if we talk about which is easier DU or IGNOU so in that case, we need to go for DU SOL.

The answer sheet checking of IGNOU university is also hard if we compare it to SOL. A lot of students even fail in IGNOU assignments. Students need to write assignments in their own words with good research.

So both the university is Good but if you are looking for an easier method then go for SOL or if you want deep knowledge about the course then go for Indira Gandhi National Open University.


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