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The 16 Best Screen Recorders for Windows PCs – Free and Paid

A screen recorder, screen recording software, screen broadcasting software, and screen capture software are all different names for the same tool that allows you to record the output of your computer screen. While screen capture tools vary in price and functionality, most share several features, such as Best Screen Recorders for Windows

  • adjustable video frame.
  • cut and paste editing options.
  • unlimited recording time.

Which screen recording tool should you use to create an effective video tutorial, create an online course, present your business to online customers, or even record a new maneuver in your favorite game? We’ve researched and compared 16 of the best screen recorders for Windows (both free and paid) and present them here. We hope this article will help you choose a screen recorder to record video on your computer that will best suit your specific needs.

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Best Screen Recorders for Windows 10: Free and Paid
Best Free Video Recorders Best Paid Video Recorders
Free Cam      iSpring Suite
Camtasia Screen Recorder Free
ShareX Filmora Scrn
CamStudio Movavi Screen Recorder
Ezvid My Screen Recorder Pro
TinyTake FlashBack
OBS Studio Screencast-O-Matic

Free Screen Recorders That Save Money

Whether you’ve paid for tons of software after using trial versions and didn’t get nearly the money you expected, or you’re looking to save some money, there are plenty of free screen recorders to get the job done. satisfactory results without emptying the pocket. Please note: some vendors may require you to purchase a paid version after downloading their “free” software to gain full access to its features.

We’ve compiled eight of the best free screen recorder in 2022 that compete head-to-head with the best paid screen recording tools.

1. Free Cam

The ideal screen capture software for creating WMV screenshots
OS: Windows

Free Cam is a very simple free screen recorder with a built-in audio/video editor. An attractive and intuitive interface allows you to record the entire screen as well as a part of the screen – you can adjust the size of the area you need to capture. Although this software is free, it does not place any watermark and is ad-free. In addition, it has no time limits – you can upload videos that are as long as you like.

Free Cam Screen Recorder
No watermark, time limits, or ads
Records voiceovers and computer sounds
High quality resolution
Users can save videos as WMV or upload directly to YouTube
Easily removes unwanted video fragments
Removes background noise
Wide selection of sound effects
Saves recordings only in WMV
No webcam recording
Check out this demo to see what you can do with Free Cam:

Getting started with Free Cam
Download Free Cam now →

2. Free Screen Video Recorder by DVDVideoSoft

The best screen capture software for recording Skype video calls
OS: Windows

Free Screen Video Recorder is a full-featured yet lightweight free video recorder from a developer known for its free conversion software. It can record Skype conversations without limitations, making it useful for Skype meetings and online conference calls. Different Windows applications can also be singled out and captured as separate elements. Included is a basic user-friendly image editor that is surprisingly useful for achieving a polished look.

Free screen video recorder
It offers a convenient screenshot function
Different modes for screen and video recording
Suitable for recording Skype conversations
Step by step instructions provided on the website
Available in 10 languages
Output formats include MP4, BMP, TGA, JPEG, PNG and GIF
Only record sound from the microphone
Too many ads can interrupt your work
It lacks a coherent interface and a built-in media player
Unwanted software may be installed during the download
It does not notify the user if a disconnection occurs
Here’s a video on how to capture your screen with Free Screen Video Recorder:

DVDVideoSoft Free Screen Recorder

3. ShareX

The best screen recorder for PC for those who need to share screenshots online
OS: Windows

ShareX is an open source, ad-free tool that boasts almost as many advanced features as some paid screen recorders. ShareX is mostly aimed at developers and advanced users, so the average customer can get lost in the many advanced tools and editors.

Records full screen, window, monitor, region, freehand or scrolling
Contains keyboard shortcuts for easier and faster navigation
It supports many URL sharing services
Imports existing videos, music or photos
Allows custom watermarks and color effects
Various export options
Low video quality for game recordings
Complex for the average user
No webcam recording
Reported failure when uploading large files
No video editor
Learn more about ShareX in this video:

ShareX screen recorder

4. CamStudio

The best free screen recorder to create AVI video files
OS: Windows

CamStudio is a good choice for one-time or casual users with minimal editing needs. This lightweight, open-source screen recording software creates AVI videos that can later be converted to SWF. Some like its compactness, others call for further development and increased technical support. The tool also has minimal editing features, so you may need to have additional video editing software.

CamStudio screen video recorder
Creates a video on the screen
Allows you to create small file sizes
Custom cursor
Quality options available for output video
They allegedly spread harmful viruses and malware
Outputs only to AVI with conversion to Flash
The output is not compatible with some browsers
The sound drops out of sync
Lack of interactive and animation features
To explore how to use CamStudio, watch this video:

CamStudio screen capture software

5. Ezvid

The perfect screen recording tool to quickly create video clips and share them on YouTube
OS: Windows

Ezvid is a free screen recording program that claims to be a world-class tool, and that might not be too far from the truth. Ezvid’s clarity is enhanced by the product’s speed: specially designed to save users’ time, it helps you create and upload videos directly to the YouTube platform in minutes. And that’s why this tool enjoys popularity among gamers and movie fans who are interested in making YouTube videos frequently and as quickly as possible.

Ezvid screen recorder
It offers computer-generated speech for narration purposes
Automatic high quality resolution (1280 x 720p HD)
Controlling the speed of output videos
Elegant and modern interface
Instant upload to YouTube
Including a selection of popular music tracks
Reviewers report extraneous noise
Minor errors and inconsistencies
Full screenplay is not available

6. TinyTake
Screen recorder with native cloud gallery for saving and sharing videos
OS: Windows and Mac

TinyTake by Mango Apps is a sophisticated desktop screen recorder for Windows and Mac that allows you to capture images and videos from your computer screen, add comments and share them with others in minutes.

TinyTake screen recorder
Bulk file sharing
Public URL available for sharing
Built-in online file viewer for images, videos and documents
Ability to create custom keyboard shortcuts
The video player is compatible with mobile devices
The free version has a 5-minute video upload limit
Video files are only saved as MP4
Limited editing tools
Here’s a video on how to use TinyTake to record videos:

TinyTake screen recording

7. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

The best free screen recorder to capture games
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

OBS Studio is the ultimate open-source software for live broadcasting. You can create scenes composed of multiple sources: images, text, window frames, browser windows, webcams, capture cards, and more, and then seamlessly switch between them using custom transitions. Unlike many other free competitors, this is an advanced screen recorder that includes a lot of features and settings. But all of this may seem like overkill for those looking for the fastest and easiest way to shoot video.

OBS Studio Screen Recorder
It allows you to set up multiple scenes and use different sources
It includes a built-in audio mixer with filters for each source
Provides advanced configuration options
Does not add watermarks
It has no upload limit
It supports multiple streaming services
Some users find the interface quite clunky
The learning curve is steep for non-techies
Reported to crash quite often
Not suitable for quick screen recording
Check out this video on OBS Studio and how to use it:

OBS capture software

8. Debut of Video Capture

Great video recording software for creating demos and streaming video games
OS: Windows

Debut is among the best free screen recorders for Windows and allows you to create videos for almost any task. It has a bit weird and old fashioned interface but offers advanced features. For example, you can create spot lights to highlight the mouse, show keystrokes, replace the background with images, video or color, add a logo or watermark to capture video, and even schedule a recording.

Video Capture Debut
It can capture from network IP camera and other devices
It records screen, webcam and audio
Unlimited recording time
Robust editing options
Various output formats
Green Screen Tool
Time-lapse video recording
Limited editing options
Outdated interface
No interactive or animation features
Reported slowness when uploading videos
Here’s a video on how to record your screen with Debut:

Video Capture Debut

9. Loom

The best screen recorder for video messages
OS: Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

Loom bills itself as a screen recorder and webcam that helps people record quick video messages to send to their team. So it’s a great alternative to email, instant messaging and web meetings. However, the free version has some limitations. For example, it allows the creation of a maximum of 25 videos per person and limits the duration to five minutes. Additionally, it has limited editing capabilities, which means you have to use other apps to edit and share recorded messages.


It records screen, webcam and audio
No watermark or ads
It has a team workspace for saving and sharing videos
It allows you to see who viewed the video
Can be integrated with other tools: Jira, Confluence, etc.
Video interaction options such as emoji reactions and comments
It has an extension for Google Chrome


Very limited editing options
Only 25 videos per user
Video length is limited to 5 minutes


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