Share These Secrets With Your Lash Clients

Eyelash artists help clients create long and flawless lashes that give them confidence and glamour. However, every artist has secrets, and eyelash artists are no exception.

There are some secrets about eyelash extensions that you should tell your clients to avoid the “trouble” they keep coming to you.

1.Custom Eyelash


J Curl Eyelash Extensions

J-curl is the most natural curl. You can recommend it when your clients want a slight tilt or a natural eyelash extension, ‘J’ curl eyelash extensions are the perfect fit. Its angle is a 40-degree angle.

B Curl Lashes

‘B’ curl is a soft curl that also comes with superb retentiveness.It is a simple curl that offers a little more lift than a J-curl. Its angle is mostly 50-degrees.

C Curl Eyelashes

C-curl is the most popular curl because it fits almost all eye types. If your client has thin natural lashes but would love them to appear more open and fuller, go for the C-curl. This is the perfect curl with her. C curl’s angle is a 60-degree angle.

CC Curl Lash Extensions

CC-curl lashes are more curled than a C but less curled than a D. It’s the best way to add volume to natural lashes that are curled on their own.CC curl is generally 70-degree angle.

D Curl Eyelash Extensions

D-curl is perfect when you want to achieve a dramatic look. It provides the most lift and tends to be the most dramatic. It widens most eyes and enhances the shape of your client’s eyes. This is especially good for clients with small eyes who want to widen and brighten them. D curl angle is a 80-degree angle.


Typically Lash Lengths fall within the ranges of: Short, Medium, Long, and Very Long.

Shorter than 8 – 9: Short (Normal!)

10 – 12: Medium (Natural! )

13 – 14: Long ( Oomph!)

15 and Above: Very Long (Dramatic!)

The Lengths above and their descriptions are a general rule of thumb, but depending on your eyes, these lengths can look longer or shorter than it does on others with the same lengths.

2. After care:

  • Avoid Getting Them Wet the First 24 Hours: Avoid all contact with water and steam within the first 48 hours after having your extensions applied.
  • Don’t Use Cleansers With Oil: Don’t use any oil-based products while you have lash extensions. This includes makeup removers, cleansers, facial oils, and oil-serum hybrids, as the oil causes the glue to dissolve.
  • Don’t Stand Under the Shower head For Too Long: “The weight of the water can lead to premature breakages,” says Richardson, recommending that you brush your lashes when you get out of the shower. “Lashes do need to be brushed every so often to remove access water and just in general with a spoolie brush.”
  • Sleep on Your Side: If you’re a stomach sleeper, be forewarned that your eyelashes are likely being pressed into (and rubbed against) your pillowcase, which will expedite fallout and breakage.
  • Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes or Touching Your Extensions: The more touching, tugging, and rubbing, the weaker your extensions become and the more likely they are to fall out or break off ahead of schedule (taking the natural lash they were attached to with them).
  • Don’t Use an Eyelash Curler: “Never ever use a mechanical eyelash curler,” says Richardson. “If your extensions are starting to [lose curl], use a heated eyelash curler to gently lift them. Mary J Blige always has one of ours stashed in her makeup bag and never travels without it.”

3. What To Avoid

  • Avoid using products with oils or glycerin – they cause the glue to break down and the lashes to fall off.
  • Avoid using baby oils – they contain sulfates, parabens, and perfumes that will cause eye irritation and a weakened adhesive bond.
  • Avoid using any type of canola, mineral, vegetable, and coconut oil.
  • Salt, sweat, and chlorine from swimming pools should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Do not use homemade DIY cleansers – they can cause infection, allergic reaction, and clogged hair follicles.
  • Avoid wearing waterproof mascara and eyeliner.
  • Never use Micellar water on your lash extensions. They pull the oils out of your skin, coating eyelashes more than normal, and essentially, ruining your lash extensions.
  • Do not use a Showerhead to run water over your eyelashes. The high water pressure can cause detachment.
  • Avoid wiping, rubbing, or scratching your eyes. If they itch, use only a lash cleansing brush or cloth to gently pat the area.
  • No saunas, steam rooms, or facials for at least 8 hours, if not longer.
  • Avoid high heat when blow-drying your lashes and hair, and do not point down aiming at your lashes.
  • Do not brush your lashes when wet or allow them to stay wet for long periods.
  • It is not recommended to use makeup wipes for any reason while wearing your lashes. They contain substances – like parabens and alcohol – that will cause premature shedding.

4. When The Eyelash Extension Is Messed Up.

Just comb it with an eyelash comb.Usually wake up, the eyelashes will become particularly messy, don’t pull your eyelashes with your hands at this time! Otherwise, not only the false lashes will be pulled off, but your natural eyelashes will also be pulled off by you. The correct way is to comb the eyelashes with a fluffy brush in one direction along the eyelashes, carefully combing your eyelashes from the root to the end.

Therefore, the eyelashes can be restored to their original order. It should be noted that the force should be light, so as not to comb the lashes.

5. Makeup

You can wear makeup with eyelash extensions, however, it’s normally recommended to wear as little as possible so it’s easier to remove without affecting the extensions. There are also certain kinds of makeup that you should avoid wearing entirely when you have eyelashes extensions.

You can wear most, if not all face makeup when you have eyelash extensions, however, you’ll want to make sure that all the makeup you are using is oil-free, especially any makeup that will be applied around the eye area like foundation, concealer, and makeup primer. Any moisturizer or products you use in your daily routine may need to be changed if any of them contain oils.

6. Remove Makeup

This applies year-round: it is so important to keep your lashes clean. Using an oil-free makeup remover to remove eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc is a must.  Cleansing your lashes with a gentle facial cleanser or baby shampoo will remove any dust, oils, buildup from makeup, or salt deposits from sweat or tears.  Clean lashes will prevent premature lash shedding and keep that retention strong.

Make sure that you remove the makeup as soon as it’s no longer needed. Don’t leave it on overnight, or allow it to build up over time, as that can create hygiene problems that could result in an infection. By following these tips, you can ensure that your lashes remain in top shape, and keep them looking and feeling their best.

7. Don’t Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home

When you’re done with lash extensions, you’ll usually advise your clients not to remove the lash extensions at home by themselves. But there are plenty of blog posts online teaching them how to remove at home, and your customers will usually be thrilled because it can help them save time and money by removing at home. But we must tell them about the dangers of removing eyelashes extension at home.

The skin around your eyes is sensitive and your client’s natural eyelashes are delicate. If they attempt to remove lash extension at home, they risk damage to the eyes, natural lashes, and skin. Also, it’s easy to spread bacteria into the eye area.

8. Fill Regularly

Once your client has a full set of lash extensions, they will need to fill in regularly. Eyelash extension fillers are simply new lashes placed over natural lashes as the old ones are about to fall out. Ideally, your clients should come every two to four weeks, but longer wait times can mean longer treatments as more lashes need to be filled.

The frequency largely depends on various factors. The natural lash cycle occurs as natural lashes grow and fall out. The lash extensions are on-the-go. The adhesive gets so good that the extension cord stays attached for the entire lifespan of the natural lashes. It is normal to lose eyelashes every day. Usually lashes 2-5 times a day.

Therefore, to keep those lashes looking luscious, it is recommended to fill in about 3 weeks apart on average. Some people have faster or slower growth cycles.


When you choose to share your secrets with your customers, your customers will like you and choose you without hesitation, and after a long time, you will have a large number of exclusive fans of yours! Tell your clients if they have any questions about eyelash extensions, they can consult you at any time, so as to have a good service experience.

Therefore, don’t be stingy and share your secrets with your clients!

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