vibration motor

what is electric vibration motor and all about it?

what is vibration motor?

Vibrator Motors are the mechanical devices used to develop vibrations that we are going to explain all about it in stridpost. The generation of vibration has happened with the support of an electric motor having an inequitable mass on its driveshaft. It is a miniature sized DC motor that lets the user know the sound through vibrations. The foremost feature that has to be noted in this is its magnet coreless DC motor which is permanent where it means that it possesses magnetic properties


Industrial vibration motor category

There are generally two types of vibrating or industrial vibrating motors:

Balanced weight vibration motor

This type of vibrator is located on the motor shaft which causes vibration on the device.

Linear Resonance Vibration Motor (Actuator)

This type of vibrator is known as linear resonance (LRA) or actuator that we are going to explain it in stridepost. It uses a small internal mass attached to a spring to create the force needed to vibrate.
Vibrators can be produced in different sizes. Each industry buys its own vibration motor according to its needs. Many industrial vibrators have dimensions of about 1 meter while the phone vibrator is about 60 mm.

Application of motor vibration

The vibrating motors operate with feedback from the operator. Today, due to the widespread advances in various technologies, the vibrating motor vibrates the device according to the operator’s needs.

Game categories are one of the common examples today. Depending on the user conditions in the game, the handle tends to vibrate strongly or slightly. Or in another example, mobile phones offer different forms of vibration when playing, calling or receiving SMS.

When large parts of the material get stuck in different parts of the production line, the vibration of the motors can relieve the clogging with a slight vibration. Screening is another practical example of vibrating motors.

Vibrating motor or industrial vibration is used in various industries, including concrete and cement industry – agricultural applications – sand washing – sieves – applications related to the flour and silos industry – equipment related to the separation of grains and nuts – bulk industrial funnels and Various other applications. motor vibration is an integral part of the industry due to its various applications.

Vibration motor selection

Choosing a vibrating motor has principles and rules that we will briefly discuss:

The first thing to consider when choosing a motor vibrator is the surface on which the electro-vibrator is mounted. The second is the size and weight of the load, which will affect the choice of motor vibration. If the place of installation of electro-vibration is on the funnel, then the size of the inlet and outlet of the funnel as well as the volumetric dimensions of the funnel are required. And if the place of electro-vibration installation is on the vibrating table, then the dimensions of the vibrating table are required to select the motor vibration.

Although choosing the right vibrator for the project has its own rules, but in most cases, electro-vibrating customers want to experimentally choose the motor vibration they want. The sieves use a 1500 rpm vibrating motor. In a linear free oscillation system, the vibrating force acts in a reciprocating manner and this causes linear motion. Another name for this system is the unidirectional vibrating system.

But in a rotating vibrating system, a vibrating motor is used, which is located in the center of the table and is usually closed under the table. Vibration force is generated uniformly in the rotational vibration system in all 360 degrees. The images below the vibration system show the linear and rotating motor .

how to adjust weight is vibration motors

The correct method of adjusting the weights in the vibrating motor is almost easy, but it should be noted that proper adjustment has a great impact on the performance and life of the parts and equipment to which the motor and bearing are connected. In the market, motor vibration is generally used under the names of vibrating motor, industrial vibration, three-phase and single-phase vibrator, industrial vibrator and vibrating table. In a typical vibrator, vibratory force is applied by installing two cranks on either side of the shaft of an engine. This engine can be 3000 rpm, 1500 rpm, 1000 rpm or 750 rpm.

The amount of motor vibration crank will also be adjustable. In fact, the vibrating force in an industrial vibrator depends on the weight of the rotating mass, the distance from the center of gravity of the mass to the center of rotation, and the rotational speed. If the adjustment of the motor vibration weights is not the same at both ends of the vibrator, it will have an irregular performance and in addition to the life of the motor vibrator, it will not have the proper efficiency. In many cases, due to the small power of small vibration motors, it can be converted to a single-phase vibration motor by using a capacitor on the vibration path. Contact sales experts for free advice on buying industrial vibrators.

how vibration motor works?

The vibrating motor, like many other industrial equipments, consists of an electric motor. This electric motor is known as the power supply of these devices. Next to the electric motor, a weight with a high density ratio is placed on the shaft, which causes the displacement of the center of gravity of the device. The weight placed on the shaft usually occupies 25 to 50% of the total shaft. During high speed rotation, this weight causes the whole device to vibrate and vibrate.

In addition to the vibrating motors that work with the electric motor, there is another type of motor vibration that works with the help of the wind mechanism. Pneumatic equipment is one of the main components of this motor vibrator. This model of device is sometimes used to create vibration in different devices, and sometimes to remove excess moisture and air from the part. Eliminating excess moisture and air increases the safety and quality of the part. These devices are also used in the agricultural industry.

Inflatable motor vibration is also used to drain the silos. Vibrating motors are also used in the pharmaceutical industry to screen various powders. In general, it can be said that industrial wind vibrators have various advantages, including time and cost savings. In addition, using this equipment can increase work safety.

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